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🎉 Happy anniversary KDE! For this occasion, I painted this artwork (using #krita on #kubuntu, of course).
→ The party continues on 25years.kde.org/

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What's worst about social media comes not from the platform itself but the advertiser model. Algorithms are a way to drive engagement for advertisers. The longer you stay on the site, the more ads you see. The more ads you see, the more money the platform makes.

On a subscriber model, there's an entirely different incentive. They want you to be happy enough to keep your subscription, of course, but beyond that, they have no particular incentive to keep the load high on their servers.

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The concept of libraries "lending" out ebooks is beyond ridiculous. There is no greater example of artificial scarcity. It's not even really artificial scarcity, it's beyond that, it's "contrived scarcity", there is no scarcity, you have to go out of your way to pretend like there is and then build an entire infrastructure to try to enforce this nonexistent scarcity.
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Well, it's time for another one... Oh c'mon, I know you like it:)

If you would be able to choose only one from options below and money isn't an issue, what would it be?

#macos #macbook #linux #windows #laptop #poll

P.S.: as always boost is for you to get a better results;)

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I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

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Waitaminute... playing both sides??

Some search engines just want to watch the web burn.

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