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My name is Jason Bratcher from Valrico, Florida (just east of Tampa).
I've been totally blind since birth and heard about Mastodon from a friend or two.
I stripped myself of all ties to Twitter and FaceBook and wanted a decentralized network, hence I'm here!
With pride and joy I'm a happy ancient elephant now reborn to toot with all of yall!
500 characters at a time.
My partner in crime (lol) is a piece of Windows software called a screen reader which changes text to speech/Braille.
The program is called

Read about it at
I still use a standard keyboard to type like you folks do.
WaterFox is the browser getting a proud piece of initiative here; the Classic Edition that supports the older XUL-based add-ons.
has its own screen reading commands to announce various pieces of info inside of system and other software I use.
I.E., in Mozilla ThunderBird, If I do the NVDA+End keystroke, says this:
You are currently online. __GMail is up to date Unread: 1 Total: 4
That should be enough to welcome me and the ways I use the web.
And for local audio editing I use GoldWave.
For digital audio workstationing I use Reaper and a special UI fix called OSara.

Proverbs 25.6 ERV:

> Don’t brag about yourself before the king and pretend you are someone important.

I've been working my way through the book of John again (which is a good thing to do, every so often, IMHO), and it has once again struck me how people love to quote 14:1-6 but don't share verses 21, 23, 25...or any other verses about saddens me.

Every donation in the month of August goes to Tor's Bug Smash Fund. Last year, you helped raise ~$86K & we used that to close 74 tickets. But half of those donations came from in-person events (see: @defcon) that we can't attend in the same way this year. #TOR

Full-List of bots:

I am using #Archlinux and want to replace my current #keyboardlayout with the #workman layout.

The #archwiki and #manpages are incredible - but I find myself unable to grasp which steps exactly I have to do, to accomplish what I aim to achieve.

Can some friendly person help me out, or give me a hint on what needs to be done?

As you all know, there was some downtime for The administrator was gone for a week and did not have access to a computer and did not even know it was down until an hour ago.

The problem has now been resolved, and we are working on keeping it from happening again. Most importantly, we are looking for someone to help with emergency access to the infrastructure.

Now we can again enjoy this community of those who live in the new life in Christ.

📽️ What movie from your youth would you love to see in a theater (given theaters open again)?
For me it's either Back to the Future or Independence Day

I think the saddest part of all this rioting is that so many people feel so disenfranchised and unheard that they feel that violence is the only way to make their voices heard.

‘Israel has achieved a breakthrough in the treatment of coronavirus’: Dr Ron Malka

Israel has achieved a breakthrough in the treatment of coronavirus wherein three kinds of antibodies have been developed that will prevent the vi...

Australian researchers see virus design manipulation

A forthcoming Australian scientific study concludes that the coronavirus causing the global pandemic contains unique properties suggesting it was manipulated in a Chinese laboratory and was not the result of a natural occurrence.

Such power from the sun
to fuel the galaxy,
So well hidden by clouds
that are nothing
but water suspended
in air.

I am considering setting up an email server for . If I did, it would be invite-only, requiring you to ask for an account first.

You'd be able to get a or address.

Does anyone like that idea?

The new Bible format for should make it possible to distribute higher quality copies of the Bible in various translation.

Announcement: (the Matrix homeserver), has been taken down indefinitely due to data corruption and will likely never be started up again.

However, I am still interested in hosting a Matrix homeserver, so you may be able to get a Matrix account sometime. 😉

Sorry for the inconvenience.

> Therefore I urge you, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service.

- Romans 12:1 (WEB)

The beauty and sleek design of Pinafore client keeps growing on me.

The speed, it's clear at first trying it; for any discerning user, it's surprisingly fast and light.

But there's more, and months after first encountering it, Pinafore still surprises me. In good ways.

There is no real good manual for it, sadly (and a Google or Bing search won't find much, very quickly offering unrelated things).

But I will try to have creating one a personal goal, a small payback for all the work and expertise that Nolan Lawson, the author, has poured into it.

I have written to Nolan and occasionally visit Toot Café, his cool mastodon instance. Have an account there, as I thought it could be a good way to learn more and offer suggestions to the Pinafore daddy. 🙂

And that has worked, and my comments and suggestions, questions, have been well received and quickly answered.

@koyu has suggested a great idea just a bit earlier this morning, to create an #InstanceAdminDay to show comments and appreciation for the work they put in.

That is something I fully support -- and I thank her for the idea, the great instance she puts so much into.

As well as posting this, in recognition of the talent, brilliance and modesty of @nolan -- who deserves Kudos for both his instance and the wonderful client that Pinafore is.

** Never heard about Pinafore?

...and hopefully my own blog post about it, as it's seriously nice and enjoyed by those who already discovered it.

In the past day our article about #torvalds was read nearly 12k times (and growing). There's more on the way on this topic. #techrights
"The country is filled with so much anger and so much action – but, as far as I can see, so little leadership!"
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