I wonder why flames turn invisible when I take their photo???

A perfect day for an ADF (all day fire) and some sunshine and fresh air! Low 60s for a high, wearing my favorite soft fuzzy sweater for the first time this season...got my handsome husband next to me and my faithful hound at my feet...and best of all God is on His throne! Truly and abundantly blessed❣️

This cedar tree is massive, wider than our Suburban by ay least a couple of feet, though it's hard to tell in this picture. It will be great for keeping the snow off the car this winter...who needs a garage, right?

As seen on FB...thoughts? The idea seems to be that "some words" are more important than "other words", and if the "other words" don't seem to agree with the "some words", they're misunderstood...? wrong? I'm confused by this.

My 6YO granddaughter was born with this, and she's as beautiful as they come! caringmattersnow.co.uk/

(She also has NCM - see rarediseases.org/rare-diseases)

Lyra is so proud of her spots! One day she asked me what it was like to die. I told her that it is like standing in your robe, when suddenly your robe falls to the floor and when you look up you're in a different place, with a different "robe" and her eyes instantly teared up and she said, "Will my new body still have my beautiful spots?"

I marked this as sensitive, though it is just a photo of a beautiful baby girl with her "spots" :)

My Maisie is so great... I had blood drawn today and of course her nose zoomed in on the bandaid when I got home. Just to see what she'd do I gave her the "pull" command. Within seconds that sucker was off my arm and she was stuffing it in my hand HAHAHA! Always ready to help, my gurl! (stock photo LOL)

This is my dad and step-mom in their younger days. Today my dad would be 89, he left us 2/2/98. They're both gone now, both missed terribly, but I remember on 9/11/2001 standing at the kitchen sink after my daughter had gone to school, sobbing because it was my dad's birthday and I missed him so much. When the phone rang and it was my sister on the other end I assumed that she was calling so we could talk about our dad. Instead she told me to turn on the TV...and that's where I was when I heard the news. God has given me His peace now, so the memories are sweet instead of painful, and I have many many happy ones with him (and them) 🥰

Well my friends, it's been a busy weekend! I haven't been online much, and even let a day go by without adding content to my blog! 😲 But yesterday was a great fun day with daughter/son-in-law/grands. Here's a picture that my grandson took and sent me via shapchat...All of us having a good time. I love my family! 😍🥰😍

This is one satisfied doggo. She's done her morning business and had a good breakfast, now it's nap time until she has to get to work! Mom's being lazy this morning so there's nothing for her to do, though she tried to get me moving by bringing my glasses to me a little while ago 🤓.

As I'm eating my supper there are 6 deer and 3 turkeys (one outside of the frame) outside! Pete's out with friends so I took the picture to show him.

Perfect ending to a beautiful day with my hot, handsome hunk of a husband❣️

Phase 2: Half of a white eggplant and half of a yellow squash, topped with 2 types of heirloom tomatoes. We really worked the BBQ grill hard tonight, but what a feast!

Phase 1 of tonight's feast: delicate, zucchini, cauliflower. We both love our grilled food "carbonated"...ie, with a heavy coating of carbon on it 😁

Nothing like a beautiful campfire to watch while I smell God's bounty roasting on the grill!

What's up with our wild turkeys? Are they waiting for us to build them a fire in the fire pit, or what?

Great photo op just now, bright red cardinal feeding next to a bright blue jay on the driveway. Grabbed my phone in time to catch this... 😲🙄😂

So thankful for a beautiful day that I felt well enough to play my keyboard for an HOUR! And then I prepared supper for both of us which is something I hadn't been able to do in weeks...I am so thankful to the Lord for letting me have some of my abilities back and use them for His glory!

This was supper. Basically yellow squash, onions, tomatoes, and lots of mushrooms, plus a "nooch" sauce, for Pete; the same for me but only a few mushrooms, no sauce, and added leftover beef to mine. Plus seasonings on both, of course...anyway I hope you all had as good a day in the Lord as I did! Good night, friends!

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