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Note to anyone who would like to block :

Please discuss the issue with me first so that we can discuss the problem. I would not want all of the members here to be unable to participate with your instance simply because of a minor disagreement or because of just one or two of our users.

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I figured I should write a pinned post so that when people find me from another instance they actually see something on my profile (psst. find more at

I am a follower of . My whole life should be wrapped around what pleases Him, not anyone else.

I am also a programmer. Not as a job, of course, but I work on projects as hobbies.

I also advocate , and / (as of writing this post I am using ).


How to remove apps from home screen in zim launcher? I'm stumped.


How is ? Are you planning on working on the 0.1 release?

Also, now that I am now learning Go and QML, I want to help you out soon (probably in a month or so).

Lightning has enough electricity to toast 100,000 slices of bread.

For anyone wondering. I was in a debate with some friends that claimed that SpongeBob is not dumb and it has relevance to you whether you are a little kid or a grown adult. I was thinking: yeah right. That show is simply dumb.

One of the things i LOVE about the one true God is that he has time for each of us. If we sit and it takes us six hours before we're ready to talk, he has time to, and WANTS to, abide with us. If we just need to hear the same song fifteen times, he doesn't mind - patience aka long-suffering is a fruit of the spirit - when we display patience, He is the parent we got that trait from.

At Goodwill, I was able to find a PC shell, some ram, and a hard drive all for US $20, which would all make a PC faster than some of the $200 computers they have at Best Buy. I didn't buy it though.

The idea that I am constantly under video surveillance at the store, walking on the sidewalk, going to school, driving or working:

(Choose the one that most applies.)

I've been thinking of a name for my server. Any ideas?

To people using Windows 7, I kindly advise you to use GNU/Linux. GNU is a free operating system. See

#GNU #upgradefromwindows #freesw

Question for the Fediverse: Is there a reliable way to do captchas on a Joomla3 site other than handing yet more site analytics data to the biggest search engine around?

Teach me to do your will,for you are my God.May your gracious Spirit lead me forwardon a firm footing.
Psalms 143:10 NLT

update: Our Plume instance ( is currently down due to bugs in the database migration which ended up removing everyone's accounts (don't worry, I have backups).

I am currently talking with a developer to see what the problem is and see how to resolve it so we can enjoy Plume's newest features..

Goodbye Windows 7! Just a few more days before you are no longer officially supported, and we can tell everyone that they have very good reason (due to lack of security updates) to update to a free operating system.

Privacy Tip: Install a Tracker Blocker

One way your web activity is used against you, and how to stop it

Do you think someone who buys a cheap smartphone deserves less privacy than someone who can afford the latest iPhone?


Then sign our petition and tell @google they need to do better


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