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The Story Behind The "Jesus in the snow" Picture

"The story that is told about this picture is of a Chinese photographer, who was deeply troubled religiously. He took a picture of the melting snow with black earth showing through. When he developed it he was amazed to see in it the face of Jesus full of tenderness and love, and he became a believer.

It may take you a long time to see the face, but that difficulty is perhaps a symbol of the effort that must be made to find Him in our world. Once found, however, as in the picture, He dominates the scene and one wonders how it was possible to miss Him."

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada | Update on John Cao

CHINA: In a recent letter from prison, Pastor John Cao was able to report that he is in good health and his blood pressure is now normal. While missing family and friends around the world, he asked his mother to pass along greetings, stating that he has not stopped interceding for the health, peace and faith of others.

Thanks for life

Woman Who Survived Abortion Thanks Trump for Signing ‘Born Alive’ Executive Order

Abortion survivor and pro-life activist Gianna Jessen is praising President Donald Trump for signing an executive order ensuring babies who […]

>Jessen, born miraculously in the 1970s after her biological mother underwent a failed saline abortion procedure, has been an outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement.


Tibetan Buddhism 'Sinicized' Across Inland China

Implementing President Xi Jinping's orders to advance the 'sinicization' of Tibetan Buddhism, local authorities eradicate traditional architecture and symbols.


Iranian minorities and activists targeted in ‘large-scale’ hacking operation

Two new reports claim to reveal an “ongoing” and “large-scale” hacking operation sponsored by the Iranian regime primarily targeting minorities and opposition groups. The first report, published by…

While the world is consumed with the latest pandemic, the Chinese government are implementing schemes like this without so much as a news article.

We see you! 👁️👁️

China has Been Doing ‘Mass Surveillance’ on Millions of Citizens in US, UK, Australia and India

A database of 2.4 million personal details has been leaked. Experts are calling it "frightening".

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'No Mercy': China's Unstated Goal in Dealing with Uighur Problem

"The international community has been seeing what we've been told 'never again' happening again in China," says US Commissioner on International Religious Fr...


Sexual Abuse of Uyghur Women by CCP Cadres in Xinjiang: A Victim Speaks Out

Now a refugee in Europe, Qelbinur has decided to break her silence and tell the reality about Han Chinese "relatives" sent to Xinjiang to live in the homes of Uyghurs

>As if millions of surveillance cameras, facial, voice and gait recognition, airport security and ID card checks everywhere you went and a compulsory monitoring app on your phone were not enough, into the drama pounced an ingenious plan to monitor everyone from within. How would it be if every Uyghur family had a Han Chinese “relative” who would visit, live with you, sleep with you, teach you, and monitor your every movement and every thought?

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MAURITANIA: Pray for Christian Prisoners

“Brother Mark” is active in gospel work in North Africa and the Middle East. Listen as he shares how coronavirus impacted ministry work in those regions—actu...

>Brother Mark will talk about his own testimony and share how God called him to reach Muslims for Jesus. He’ll advise listeners on how to respond—not react—to Muslim questions or arguments against the gospel.

Iranian Hackers Found Way Into Encrypted Apps, Researchers Say

Reports reveal that hackers have been secretly gathering intelligence on opponents of the Iranian regime, breaking into cellphones and computers and outsmarting apps like Telegram.


A Message from Jonathan Cahn

The Return will be available LIVE on this starting Friday:

To learn more about The Return, visit

Thousands of people have joined to exercise free speech about vaccines, Christianity, Trump and other topics that get banned by Big Tech

> is hosted outside the USA and is built on the open source Mastodon platform, with extensive customization and added features. (We intend to contribute to the Mastodon community to help support open source efforts.)

Virtual Solemn Assembly Friday Evening 8 PM EST

The assembly which is hosted by Remnant Call Radio will be held Friday Evening starting at 8 PM EST. This will begin the 10 days of fasting to culminate on Yom Kippur.

My wife and I will watch online as we make the call to seek our Heavenly Father will ALL our hearts. The assembly will be streaming Live on Youtube. You can go to the Remnant Call Radio Youtube Channel starting at 7PM to listen in:

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