Syria: '785 IS affiliates escape camp' as 130,000 people flee Turkish forces

Turkey says it will continue the offensive into northern Syria for nine more days despite international condemnation.

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Turkey blocks WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to crush criticism as it attacks Northern Syria

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Having "nothing to hide" is not an excuse for giving up your liberties. Protect yourself from mass surveillance programs: Learn how at

Have you heard of of a house church network in N. India with over 800,000 members? Listen to the amazing testimony of their leader - Randeep Matthews

Testimony of Randeep Matthews with Steve Stewart of Impact Nations


Pastor Andrew Brunson spent two years in Turkish prisons accused, among other “crimes,” of helping plot a coup against President Erdogan’s government there. ...

Church Demolished, Believers Falsely Accused and Arrested

After members of a True Jesus Church in Henan refused to have their place of worship repurposed by the state, about 1,000 government personnel came to destroy it.

Students, Staff From Christian School Kidnapped by Islamist Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria

Six teenage girls and two staff members at a Christian school in Nigeria were reportedly abducted at gunpoint by Fulani Muslim “bandits” last week.


Christians Killed on Syria’s Front Lines

While Trump defends US withdrawal, advocates fear “Turkey will complete the work that ISIS tried to do, in eradicating Christians from this region.”

Egypt: friends fear family may have killed ex-teacher of Islam after he became Christian - World Watch Monitor

Friends of a 40 year-old Egyptian who converted from Islam to Christianity believe that his premature death on 4th October is linked to numerous threats he received from his family that they would kill him for his change of faith. Before Amr Hussein Mohamed El-Sayeh died, apparently by electrocution at …

Sola Fide Venues Suppressed for Not Joining Official Church

Members of these conservative Protestant house churches face increasing persecution, as their meeting venues across China are raided by the police and shut down.

The Global Lane - EP314 - October 10, 2019

Turkey moves in as U.S. pulls troops out of Syria. What it means for Syria's Christians & Kurds; Suicide USA increasing for boys and white middle-aged males;...

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In attempting to silence protests that lie outside the Firewall, in full view of the rest of the world, China is revealing the tools countries can use to silence dissent or criticism worldwide.

Turkish Invasion Kicks Off with Bloodshed for US Allies and Christian Minority in Syria

Turkish Invasion Kicks Off with Bloodshed for US Allies and Christian Minority in Syria

Christian Woman Killed in Kidnapping of Four Baptists in Nigeria  - Morningstar News

Less than a week after Muslim Fulani herdsmen kidnapped six teenage girls from a Christian-run high school in north-central Nigeria, another attack in the same county led to the killing of a Baptist woman and the kidnapping of four others from the same church, sources said.

The Voice of the Martyrs Canada | Christian Man Fatally Beaten

EGYPT: On September 25th, Maged Fathi passed away after being beaten the previous day by at least six Muslim militants in a village of the Assiut Governorate. According to a neighbour who witnessed the incident, Maged's son was carrying dead chickens when he accidentally dropped one beside the house of Ebrahim Abo Zaid.

They fought alongside the U.S. for five years to be bombed by US NATO ally

Like thieves in the night US forces withdrew from their positions, without explanation, processes, discussions, or leaving behind people to monitor the area.

The Story Behind The "Jesus in the snow" Picture

"The story that is told about this picture is of a Chinese photographer, who was deeply troubled religiously. He took a picture of the melting snow with black earth showing through. When he developed it he was amazed to see in it the face of Jesus full of tenderness and love, and he became a believer.

It may take you a long time to see the face, but that difficulty is perhaps a symbol of the effort that must be made to find Him in our world. Once found, however, as in the picture, He dominates the scene and one wonders how it was possible to miss Him."

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