AI Weekly: In China, you can no longer buy a smartphone without a face scan

China will soon require that phone customers submit to a facial recognition scan to verify their identity. It's a drastic expansion of an existing policy.

@freemo @b2e consider what's involved.. Missile defense is pretty much fantasy against NK, let alone China...

And pretty much all cold war intervention turned out to be imperialistic, immoral and often a dismal failure.

The US supported Al-Qaeda against the Russians. Afghanistan might have been a way more normal country if just broke off when the USSR fell apart.. It may have contributed to there being a 9/11.


Sorry. :(
I am just now seeing your comment.

I agree with you.

US foreign involvement - especially in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan has been a disaster.

@b2e i don't see what you have to be sorry about 🙂, i didn't assume your opinion on this, at least.

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