@b2e I wrote such a long reply and not seeing it now...I thought I did everything right? but will try to recreate it.

@b2e I just want to say HALLELUJAH! Isn't this the example we were given by the early church? They met together, as we're called to do, but held discussions and preached in the open air to "all who had ears". It has long bothered me that we huddle together every Sunday morning in our boxes with the cross on top, but never out where people can hear our enthusiasm and joy for the gospel of Christ, or hear our singing, or feel our love! THAT is what it takes to take the gospel to the nations, not sit in a pew and pray for our missionaries to do it. IMHO. I thought I said it better the first time but God must have disagreed because, well, where did that comment go? 🤗

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