Telegram adds 25M users as founder Pavel Durov says people reject being "held hostage by tech monopolies"

>“In the first week of January, Telegram surpassed 500 million monthly active users. After that it kept growing: 25 million new users joined Telegram in the last 72 hours alone,” Telegram founder Pavel Durov wrote today on his Telegram channel.

@b2e wait, i thought telegram isn't encrypted though, unless you create a "secret chat"?

I don't usually like Wikipedia, but for a quick answer:

>"Telegram provides end-to-end encrypted calls and optional end-to-end encrypted "secret" chats between two online users on smartphone clients, whereas cloud chats use client-server/server-client encryption. Users can send text and voice messages, animated stickers, make voice and video calls, and share an unlimited number of images, documents (2 GB per file)..."

Like @josias wrote and (Element) are better for privacy.

@b2e @rose_myrtle @josias Sounds like using DCC on the IRC of old (because I have no idea if the IRC being used now is the same?) wherein it connects two clients which can then exchange data directly with no servers involved?



is p2p
Sadly no one uses it :(

is the same with 2 using audio. I use it most of the time.
Many free servers to choose from. No ph #, email, username required. You can change what you want to be identified before each call. Endless choice of rooms that you can make up and change them each time.
I use it with browser on my phone - just share link to room.
Am using it on my Linux laptop also
Anything going is the way to go for privacy.
I use to notify I am online. If the other person has it also it is encrypted.

@b2e How do I NOT KNOW about all these wonderful things??? (In truth, I probably don't know about most wonderful things...) Thanks for the explanation, Brother Arc!

@b2e @ChiaChatter

Jitsi is really nice. I use it for pray meeting because we are not allowed to be together phyiscaly.

It works simply well and it is easy to use. On my group I am the only one with IT knoledge. The other only use whatsapp.

Just send a link and they upload the phone app and we could do the meeting.

You don't need registration no account.

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