600 people have returned to the morning service. 600 people! thanks god.

when they prayed for me, a heat rose into my head and i started to cry with joy. i then saw a picture where those behind me had caught me.

i say thanks to the @masterofthetiger for this instance, so i can share my life here

after the holidays (the exact date is not yet fixed) i will give testimony in the service how i said to god our father "yes jesus i'm going the way from now on with you", what my way was until then.

god i hear you. i will do more for you. thank you jesus. yes amen.

Nearly 600 people have returned to the morning service. 600 people! sing, pray and listen to your input.

a couple will be sent out to norway today. they will lead a church there soon.


heb12mobile gave it to read online, without playstore. isn't there any more? i liked that better, because without google and without amazon.

in the service 10 a.m. in front of 600 people and 7 p.m. in front of 150 people i will be accepted as a new church member. thank you jesus. thank you.

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Hello ! 👋

💻 My computer broke, but I do a lot of computer work, including managing a Mastodon and Diaspora* instance, and I do a lot of computer programming. I can't do much computer work now, and I don't currently have the funds to but another computer.

So, someone said I should set up a GoFundMe, so if you are interested in helping out, or want to know more, you can see it with the link below:

Boosts are appreciated if you feel like it. 🙂

my church, the jesusgemeinde dresden, has been building a new church house without credit since 2012. there will be room for more than 1000 people, because where we are now the space is no longer sufficient. dear god, let's find an interim solution because so much of your word wants to hear and let's free money that the new church house will be finished faster - but that will still take some time. thank you jesus. yes jesus. amen.

I'm too now auch in profile directory.
to find its, or?
to the customer of the public of the public.


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tonight i was at the evening service at the jesus gemeinde dresden / germany. there were about 120 young people. 2 said yes to jesus. amen. and afterwards there were tasty sandwiches

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