this week are pray days from yesterday to friday.

the ones mentioned above are not all the projects i have translated, but @Heb12 is also part of it, with another.

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2 years since the beginning of #Heb12 #Bible apps. That one innocent commit that later became a real project.

Heb12 has gone so far in the last two years thanks to all the developers and users involved, especially:
Amazingmech2418 (developer)
@childofgod (translations)
Edxt (developer)
@masterofthetiger (developer)
@stef20 (translations)

to follow me just like that without me having written or seen you before and your account is protected - there is no such thing with me.

I broke up with my small group earlier. I'm very upset.

Shrare it from

and by the way. you can hosing your website on

push static content, HTML, style, fonts, images.

if you have questions you can ask @codeberg

yesterday i had a talk about "god is the light". i had prepared myself with 4 hours of bible reading on 2 days. and it was really well received. everybody got a bible verse, had to read it and then paint it on paper.

@team zhanks. but this is my christian life account.

My cat died at 12 o'clock. I buried him earlier. You wouldn't believe how much it hurts.

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