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If 10 people follow me, I will be displayed on Now I already have 9. That's great.

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google play: 39572813 flashlight apps, all with ads, and they need permissions to list all running apps, read your contacts, send sms, make and receive phone calls, read your social security number, sacrifice your firstborn child....

f-droid: literally
it's just
a flashlight
that's it

I can be right there at a christening. A woman can go around tuafen right away and the whole thing will be praised.


Ho can you explain me:

what are Reformed Charismatic

I think it has been a good idea to share my life of faith with you on

The service will begin again in 10 minutes. We are currently in a gymnasium of a grammar school in dresden / germany / saxony, because we can put 600 chairs here. That's how many of them will be coming. It is also translated into english and we sing a lot of bethel music.

On sunday evening service I remembered friday, which I had forgotten to tell the girl. I told her that we are a big family and she is now my sister. She was very happy about it and said, and you are my brother. She always looked at me when I was well. Before she drove home, she hugged me dearly and said that she can come again only in 2 weeks. As she stood at the door she said goodbye brother, see you soon.

We had prayer days last week. shortly before the end we formed small groups. A girl waved at me and so I joined her group. We prayed about 15 minutes.

I am constantly provided with images / impressions. Weeks ago I haven't painted that yet and today at the last prayer days evening I got something new again.

We have this week praydays and this verse i read yesterday
Psalms 63:9 - But those that seek my soul, to destroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the earth.


I missed heb12 to read online . In last time i can read it and now only google play ? ;-(

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