Hey guys, a little message on the Corona Virus, or CVOID-19:

Don't be worried. God has this whole thing under control. WE AREN'T IN THE TRIBULATION. You know, this might even be God's grace for us. If the rapture would happen while everyone is doing their daily life, there would be so many trains, boats, cars, and even planes crashing. Plus, there could be SO MANY other things going wrong here. This very well may be God's Grace saving us from a world panic GREATER then the Corona Virus. So also, don't be scared. God has you, and if you die, you go to Heaven.

@doodthedoodthedood Brother, God gave me the understanding of how the rapture actually works, not the left behind version of car crashing, etc. That is not how it will happen. Take this free download of my book on Google Drive:

Amazon Upload Version: Be sure to print a hard copy, so you won't forget to read it.

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