@d599f84e I think in art, is not needed to depict things realistically, but to emphasize the message the artist wants to convey

Deuteronomium 7:26
“And you must not bring a detestable thing into your house, or you will become a thing devoted to destruction like it; you must utterly detest it, and you must utterly abhor it, for it is an object devoted to destruction.” ~ Is this one of the reasons christianity is declining in so many countries?

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@ademalsasa switching is pointless when almost nobody is doing the same

Facebook focused on growth above all else. Now it is larger than many world governments, and they are surprised when they are treated like one despite having the same amount of power. #showerthoughts

Christian philosophy 

@josias I believe the three-fold distinction is from the greeks, the Jews hold to a two-fold view. But it is not that important, just like we can divide a human body in many parts, it's still human. The new testament using three terms is to put emphasis on the WHOLE man.

The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum
“to receive grace is to delight in God’s law”

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The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum
“All too many pastors and teachers assume that the goal of their work is to save souls for Jesus Christ. This is not the goal: it is the starting point of their calling. The goal is to train up those under our authority in God’s word so that they are well-fitted and thoroughly equipped for all good work, to go forth and to exercise dominion in the name of the Lord and for His kingdom”

ref.ly/o/phlsphychcrrclm/28083 via the Logos Bible Android app.

@b2e I believe the problem are those so-called prophets. They started this mess and Sheets is trying to fix it.

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