Today my church did its first fully Linux powered live stream :P

If you think about it, its almost as if God deliberately chose women to be the first to witness the empty tomb.
God himself put the believability of the maximum proof of Christianity in the hands of women who were not even taken into account for trials or by historians

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Most of those women had children or family that was mentioned, implying that the first readers of Mark's gospel knew of the family and heritage of those women, so they could prove that the story is true due to people who were there being still alive

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Yesterday I saw a proof of Jesus' resurrection that I had not heard before. Women were the first ones to find out about the empty Tomb. Women were considered to be unfit witnesses, but they were the only ones who went to anoint Jesus' body. If Mark wanted to have a believable story for the people of that time, he would have used the narrative of a male witness. But of course, all of the disciples were afraid, not even willing to help the women move the stone

I went out with friends for the first time in months, thank God we had a great time!

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