Oh crap its 2am...Ive spent all night watching random youtube videos. I really wanted to be a little productive tonight

January Update!

- Announcing #PinePhone @mobian CE

- #PinePhone keyboard progress update

- #PinebookPro and #PineTab production news

- #PineTalk podcast in Feb

- New #PINE64 website is now up

- #PineTime software news

- Red #Pinecil & firmware update

and much more!


This Week in Security: Ubiquiti, Nissan, Zyxel, and Dovecot

You may have been one of the many of us who received an email from Ubiquiti this week, recommending a password change. The email stated that there was an unauthorized access of Ubiquiti systemsโ€ฆ hackaday.com/2021/01/15/this-w

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/13

I'm thinking of starting a local Christain + FOSS group. Though I'm unsure if anyone would actually be interested in my area and I have no clue how to start or run a group.

But my idea is a small (or what ever) group that shares the faith in the Lord and has interests in FOSS and tinkering. This would be mainly restricted to local are between Jacksonville and Moorehead North Carolina. I would be aiming for amatures in coding and the teachings of Jesus Christ, though pros are more than welcomed.

If you have any advice or are intersting and live local to these areas hit me up, I'd love to chat. Again this is mainly an idea I'm swirling around in my head. Especially since I am an amature in both ares as well and a mature student looking to break into the programming field. But I am curious of the amount of interests this may generate.

If you are interested in a Open-Source alternative to Meetup then I suggest GetTogether.


I need to setup Nano as my main text editor and I need to figure out why my Gemini server is bunging up the line wraps.

Another interesting article.

I suggest doing the foot work to validate these claims for yourself. I don't doubt that parts are true, but I'm too lazy to check.

After reading an article about Mozilla from reclaimthenet I again looking for another browser to use full time.

So a company makes a statement condeming Trump and any of his supporters. Seems a little too much, especially from the company side.



You cannot use a Fire tablet without a Amazon account....How stupid! Just like Windows10 requiring you to have a Microsoft account to use youre own computer.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

We need FREEDOM for devices again, right meow!

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