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I am looking at buying another SBC for variours projects. One being a Pleroma server another being a Peertube server. I would probably throw a SSD at these things to help save the SD card. But, I'm unsure of the pros and cons of the two popular SBC, Pine64 (Rock64/RockPro64) or the Rapsberry Pi(pi4 2/4GB RAM). Can the Fediverse help me out on this one?

Feel free to boost for more experienced eyeballs.

I’ll be deleting my fosstodon and there’s life account tonight. So if your interested in chatting outside the fediverse feel free to email me

Happy 3D printing and other cool stuff everyone.

Also fyi, yes my instance is nuked, dead and gone and not coming back any time soon.

Chai, parsurve (however you spell your name), Bigdiggity, and tayo feel free to email me if you want to stay in touch. If I do setup something again I’ll be sure to let your 4 know.

1) The House will shortly swear-in Rep-elect Mike Flood (R-NE). He just won a special election to succeed former Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) who resigned after being convicted on federal charges

2) The new House breakdown is:
431 members

220 D's / 211 R's

4 vacancies: Former Reps. Delgado (D-NY) & Reed (R-NY) resigned. Late Reps Hagedorn (R-MN) & Young (R-AK) died.

3) D's will only be able to lose 4 votes on their side of the aisle & still pass a bill w/out R assistance.


ICYMI: Now that the U.S. Military is focusing on issues like social justice, equity, white privilege, and LGBT concerns, they are having trouble meeting recruitment goals.

It turns out that many of the people who would normally volunteer to risk their lives for the country aren’t as interested in being lectured on their race or taught about pronouns.

The need for recruits has become so desperate that the army has even dropped its requirement for a high school diploma.

Google Workplace for custom domains ending free edition 

Surprise, surprise... after 16 years of providing free email, drive, etc for custom domains, Google is pulling the plug on the free edition and transitioning everyone over to a paid subscription plan as of July 1, 2022.

I'm guessing there will be a marked increase in self-hosting now, and then again in June.

I'll admit to having abandoned my self-hosted Dovecot and Squirrel mail approach 10 years back. Time to correct that mistake.

Not sure what happened but my pleroma instance just got nuked. Like, I only changed the instance avatar, hit save, and now the server doesn't even have the pleroma bin in the bin dir...wth technology...

🤯It is common knowledge that the Terminator’s main #CPU is a 6502, but this contestant found that it is clocked by a radiation hardened, triple modular redundant, #555Timer circuit.
Today’s your final chance to enter the #555Timer. Submit your project➡️

Original tweet :

Look, I know this stuff is entirely pointless, and chews through CPU cycles for nothing of value other than the fact that it's fun, but I still want it. Part of me wants to go minimal and not have this kind of thing, and the other just thinks this stuff looks so cool.

Open source hardware association or social justice hardware association? I think latter and useless.

I think I’m going to check out Mint Mobile for my next project. Maybe even swap my current phone to it.

RT @Jaizem
Best decoration ever. Straw dummy $10.00 , leaning ladder $0.00 (from the garage) and one set of lights $5.00. Freaking out your neighbors...Priceless.

And who said that what they teach in school is useless?
This alarm clock's buzzer broke, so I changed it with a spare speaker I had. But that was too loud, and I had no resistors to use, so I made a DIY one with a cup of water and some salt for tuning.

I've made a new file hosting service called Eggnog.

Files are XOR encrypted by default, with a 1 megabyte limit.

It's so profitable to sell customer data that Vizio now makes 2x as much from that than selling TVs. Until the govt outlaws this data collection, your only recourse to protect your ⁨#privacy⁩ is to buy things from the few companies left that respect it.

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