This is zoomed way in and taken through a window but I thought that otherwise it's kind of a cool photo of Pete and one of our resident turkeys just now. The turkey has actually been standing guard at the end of the driveway for a good part of the morning; there are 2 little hens in the woods nearby also.

Educate me, please.

How can you tell that you're getting #software from a good source? I don't mean those download sites. I mean the developers.

Been looking for a clean, offline*, free or free-to-try #PDF #editor.

Found #IceCreamApps. I like the app and might upgrade to pro. But... There's one thing. โ˜๏ธ

I don't see anywhere
who* from where*
owns or made it.

#tech #apps ๐Ÿค”

No more push mowing for this guy for a while. Bought a used mower for this season. Next year I'll look at a new one but right now they are way to high.

Well lets see how well this craptastic bottle rocket prints standing up and without any supports.

I wonder how well PLA can handle air pressure. Thinking of printing a bottle rocket for the kids but prefer it not to explode on the launch pad.

We've got 100+ original #Pinebook laptops running #manjarolinux with #kdecommunity KDE Plasma to donate to a worthy cause. We're looking for a suitable nonprofit.

Help us help others.

Everyone that breaths, sleeps, FOSS and makes everything political to a point that its no longer enjoyable, please block me. I'll be doing the same.

The sane FOSS people who doesn't make everything political and sucks the life and joy out of FOSS, stay awesome.

Just noticed the word radius, not diameter... Yup, that would cause some things to be over sized in cura.

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Cura seems to be exploding my prints. Is there something I need to do in FreeCad or Cura to keep it from blowing up the model?

Well, the clips on my flag pole broke. So I guess I'll be trying to print new ones today.

I think we need to ditch FOSS and Open Source, we need a new movement.

Let's call it, Bob.

It seems I have kicked a hornets nest and all the staunch FOSS, anti capitalism, Communism, everything is political group has been sharing their thoughts to my post.

Sigh, this is why some dislike or burnout on FOSS now days and it explains the current state of the movements. The political crap is so tiring.

A sane take on the #rms, and by extension #fsf, controversy:

Bonus: includes analysis from a former president of the #aclu - Nadine Strossen. If youโ€™re on the fence, or even if youโ€™ve chosen a side in this issue, I recommend the read.

Hello guys!

I've just created my first-ever tutorial video in English, and it's about spectroscopy! I am showing the basics of stellar spectroscopy using BASS Spectro, a free spectroscopy software (links in the video description).

I hope you like it! Feel free to provide any questions or feedback!

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