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I am looking at buying another SBC for variours projects. One being a Pleroma server another being a Peertube server. I would probably throw a SSD at these things to help save the SD card. But, I'm unsure of the pros and cons of the two popular SBC, Pine64 (Rock64/RockPro64) or the Rapsberry Pi(pi4 2/4GB RAM). Can the Fediverse help me out on this one?

Feel free to boost for more experienced eyeballs.

Pleroma is down again, full disk again. But I managed to squeeze in enough time to figure out what was eating my disk space. /var/log.

Seems most of the disk usage is in the /var directory. I guess something is logging everything like crazy and I donโ€™t need that much logging. Iโ€™ll figure out exactly which program is doing it tomorrow.

A few nights ago I tried capturing my first #spectrum of a carbon #star (VX Andromedae in this case). I use a nearby A2V-class star for profile calibration. There's a few dips in the profile that correspond to usual carbon star suspects such as C2 absorption lines, but I'm honestly sure if my low resolution equipment can actually resolve these telltale signs of carbon star classification.

โš ๏ธ IMPORTANT: Users of Element Desktop/Web/Android, FluffyChat & Nheko should upgrade immediately to address a critical encryption vulnerability.

We are not aware of this being exploited in the wild yet, but as the bug is now disclosed please upgrade now.

If you wanted to load #Openwrt on a router, what router would you use? What routers would you stay away from? Looking for answers from folks with actual experience. Boosts are welcome and appreciated to the extreme.

Well I may have broken my Pleroma server but, at least my Sonarr server and Samba shares are back up and working.

I think I;m going to move away from Raspberry Pi's and go with Pine boards and other alternatives. Mainly for the reason that I'm liking Armbian a lot. Which I can't run on a Pi. :/

Also, my pleroma instance is down again. Apparently it's out of space, again... Now I'm waiting for a scaleable storage solution to be attached to my server so I can get things up and going. In the mean time I need to do some searching as to what can be filling the storage up so quickly. No way in heck do I want to be paying for TB's of storage for a single user instance.

My only guess so far is logging and/or storage of remote media and data. I'll start with that idea.

Now I'm wondering how well the Pinebook battery life is with Linux. I'm really wanting a laptop that can last 8 hours or so instead of my 1 hour laptop.

Since my instance is down and Iโ€™m waiting on the snapshot to finish, Iโ€™ll post my Frankenstein electrolysis tank here.

So far itโ€™s working and staying decently cool.

I'm curious, how much does it cost per month to run a large or instance with a user count of 5,000?

Seems my instance went down with a 502 error. Restarted the instance and got the canโ€™t write not enough room error message. Not sure how thatโ€™s possible considering itโ€™s mainly a postgresql db and text files. :/

Hey all, seems Iโ€™ve mostly got my instance working. Since Iโ€™ll be moving there I ask that if you want to keep the convos going to please follow @jordan

Iโ€™ll be trying to move everything off of and fosstodon to this week.


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