Announcement: (the Matrix homeserver), has been taken down indefinitely due to data corruption and will likely never be started up again.

However, I am still interested in hosting a Matrix homeserver, so you may be able to get a Matrix account sometime. 😉

Sorry for the inconvenience.

More work on today. We are now working on the new design. We don't have much at the moment, but here's a picture to demonstrate.

The new Bible format for should make it possible to distribute higher quality copies of the Bible in various translation.

I am considering setting up an email server for . If I did, it would be invite-only, requiring you to ask for an account first.

You'd be able to get a or address.

Does anyone like that idea?

I just realized the implications of having over 5000 characters at my disposal for toots on ...

You can get a *lot* in 5000 characters. Including the new blog post I am writing.

I've been helping out writing some Rust code for the Conduit Matrix server. is a great git-hosting website. Thanks so much for hosting it @codeberg!

Is there such a thing as "Login with Mastodon"? It would be pretty easy to make I think.

I am taking it one step at a time. Right now I am figuring out the logic of the game itself. Then I will have to connect it to a database and provide an API. Then comes the front end (which won't be written in Haskell of course).

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I am making an online card game in Haskell. I am still a beginner in the language, so I have a pretty steep learning curve ahead of me.

I am starting to study literate programming, and am using a tool called enTangleD for it.

Basically literate programming is where you explain your program for a human rather than a computer. You have text files that have code snippets that are "tangled" into a file for the computer to use.

Here is some literate code I just wrote:

This has some more good information on the subject:

The Chosen is a new series about the live of Jesus. It is very good so far. I would recommend watching the first episode to see how you like it.

has been trending for a while now. I guess everybody is enjoying talking about some of the best user-respecting video conference software. 🙂

I have been working on setting up a Matrix homeserver. I will reuse the domain for that. I am sure that will be useful to both my friends and family and those on

is working very well for audio/video calls. I highly recommend it.

I just did an online Bible study with it and it worked smoothly for the most part.

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