What's the lightest weight mouse-based text editor on Linux? Something that doesn't use a big GUI framework. In other words, what is comparable to notepad.exe? (and don't say gedit, because that doesn't open nearly as fast; not for me anyway).

@philipwhite Honestly most mouse-based text editors are going to require some big GUI framework. GTK or Qt mostly.

Oh! There is an editor that works with the mouse fairly well. But it is in the terminal. Called micro.

@josias I'm finding that to be true. The one exception is Lite (see sibling post) which uses SDL.

Micro looks a little too confusing for a notepad replacement, and doesn't seem to add enough value to be good for programmers, but perhaps I'm judging to quickly. It does start instantly, but requires a host terminal.


@philipwhite I don't really know what to suggest. I always use the terminal and use Vim for everything.

@josias that's okay. I appreciate your suggestion. Nothing is perfect, so the more the more options I know about, the better. Everyone responding has already showed me a few options I didn't know about, so this has overall been helpful.

I also use the terminal for most things, including my editor (I use kakoune), but in this case I'm thinking about non-technical people who are using low-power machines that don't have fast disk speeds. That's kind of a low bar, but in my experience notepad.exe meets it fairly well (one of the few excellent things Microsoft has made).

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