I never wanted There's Life to be a political or even religious instance. But rather a place where we discuss God, His teachings, and how they apply to our lives. In the end, what else matters?


I've got no problem with this at all. But any instance having a particular focus will need occasional reminders of what that is. Nothing harsh, just reminders. Some may wonder about the distinction between being religious and talking about God. I'm guessing the difference is between talking about theology (however great that is) and talking about the movement of that Spirit in our lives and experiences.

@malanrich Exactly. Theology and politics are fine, as long as they are centered around Christ and life in the Spirit. Everything is useless if the Spirit is not active in our lives. Religious words or teachings are meaningless without the presence of the living God.

@josias The concept of the sheep and goats;
I look at our existance as if God's the lutimate teacher of the class and that the ones who inherit His kingdom will "graduate" to an eternity lifetime by receiving his diploma,
whereas the goats will fall short in failure that they could have prevented by just staying right and obedient with the Father who art in Heaven, His begotten son and the Holy Ghost.

@BlindHedgehog @josias you say, "just" as though it's easy and doesn't cost you *everything*

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