We (as humans) often look to affirm various ideas we hold, reasonably justified or not, with nonsensical arguments and bad logic.

When we see something that doesn't look quite right, yet validates our beliefs, we all too often accept it, ignoring reason. We want validation. We want to be understood and to have others share our convictions.

We do this repeatedly, and we gradually become more ignorant about opposing views. We call other people fools and yet our own arguments are just as foolish.

We are never right. We never completely understand our world, our lives, or other people. We are always learning. Don't hinder that.

Never put convictions over sound logic or beliefs over pursuing truth.

Conversely, we also tend to easily dismiss opposing arguments because they don't sit well with our current ideology, even if they are strong and well-founded.

We need to understand our beliefs and the reasons for them, and just as importantly, we must be willing to change any of them if better reasons are presented to us.

Many people throughout history have held onto terrible ideas out of willful ignorance. For example, 150+ years ago, many slaveholders would not accept that their slaves deserved humane treatment. They did not believe this because good reason or science showed it, but because racism was built into their culture. It was so ingrained that it continued long after slavery and even to today.

We hate being wrong. Especially when being wrong has economic or emotional risk for us. But truth should be pursued at all costs.

If one wishes to ignorantly refuse to believe in something, they are free to do so, but they should not impose ignorance on others or hurt them in the process.

Encourage reasonable discovery and increasing in understanding. Never hinder knowledge.

Very true. And, is very interesting that people rarely like answering a simple question: Why? And they wouldn't care less about asking it!

@josias It is hard to be a black-and-white person in a shades-of-gray world. There are just some things that won't ever make sense. 😕

@ChiaChatter That is *why* we must keep learning and understanding. We can never know everything, so we should never pretend we do.


150+ years ago, many slaveholders would not accept that their slaves deserved humane treatment. They did not believe this because good reason or science showed it, but because it raised their profits, so the ones who treated slaves humanely got driven out of business.

Fixed that for ya.


@cy @josias Iirc, the chattel slavery of ~150 years ago wasn't actually particularly profitable, as compared to more humane treatment.

People who treated the people they enslaved more humanely, with shorter, more productive working hours and positive intrinsic (rather than negative extrinsic) motivation – like was occasional practice 1000–3000 years ago (e.g. in parts of Ancient Greece: – would likely have made more money.

Mere evil. That's the explanation.


@wizzwizz4 @josias If you don’t do anything to stop people from running off with your wealth and setting your house on fire as they go, then those people are gonna be running the world. It raised their short term profits, and to hell with the next generation. But you’re right slavery is a raw deal even for the slave owner. The only ones who really benefit are slave traders. Like let’s pretend I’m a slave trader, and you’re not yet a slave.

Hey there, stranger! Have I got a deal for you! See this guy I have chained up here? Yeah I have to chain him up because he hates my guts and he’d kill me if he was ever free. I totally cheated him and tore him away from everything he loved without compensating him a dime, and now I’m going to pass on that hatred to you. For the low low price of 50 British pounds, I’m going to hand you this guy’s leash and start running. Boy I sure hope you have an expensive and laborous system to keep him from killing you and your family as he deserves if you buy into this deal. So how about it? C’mon, everyone’s doing it these days! And you’re rich, so you can totally afford it! Not like you’re going to be financially ruined, and then I’m gonna come around with some chains and go sell you to the next sucker. What, don’t you trust me?


@cy @josias I guess? But while it's *possible*, I'm not sure this “slavers were being scammed” narrative is quite right. The cruelty was far in excess of serving any utilitarian purpose for anybody, except “inflict cruelty”.

You want to hold people against their will and have them not kill you? The solution is not to abuse them so much that Stockholm Syndrome can't even take place.

I still can't really see this as anything other than self-defeating evil.

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