Many arguments from opposing sides are very thought-provoking once you get past trying to refute it at all costs.

Indeed. And you also come to realize there are more than two sides.

@dallin @josias the world's been a d20 all along.

Flipping a coin results always results in a 1 or a 2, with a critical failure or a chance at success given the right combination of skills and abilities, but likely also a failure.

We miss 100% of the rolls we don't take for crit success.


Very wise. For me that works good within Biblical thinking. With heresies I still want to "refute it at all costs."


An example of learning from opposite sides under the umbrella of Biblical theology, was when I met many born again Anabaptist Mennonites.

It was transforming.

Their emphasis on obeying the teachings of Jesus in the "Sermon on the Mount," as well as living seperate holy lives was impactful.
I could go on...

In short, I think it is good to embrace the whole body of Christ and learn from other "streams," even though I may not agree with all they believe or practice,

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