Proprietary software tends to manipulate. I notice this whenever I am forced to enter that world. The user is controlled to the purposes of the entity behind the program.

This needs to end. We need complete control over our own computing. Otherwise we surrender the right to have any say in our interactions with the digital world.

Unfortunately, many people don't mind being controlled, as long as they are convinced it somehow serves their goals, or they are ignorant of the oppression.

When they are told of the problems, most don't want to believe it, so don't.

Critical thinking and self-discipline are vital to avoid being pushed around by those set out to control you for their own interests.

I thought I'd share my thoughts on the topic.
As you know, I have never written a line of proprietary code. I don't write free software because I think proprietary software is necessarily evil, but because I think free software is better.

I use a lot of proprietary software, and I know a lot of people who use it too.
I don't shame people who use or write it, nor do I let people tell me what I should and should not use.

@PetabyteStudios I don't want to shame people who use it, but they should know that a lot of proprietary software is not neutral (some is in my opinion though). Much proprietary software is incredibly harmful.

@josias I believe people should know what their proprietary software does, but if they wish to use it, then I would let them.

I believe in the freedom to use any software as much as I do free software.

I don't think anybody should nag or shame them, let them be.

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