Idea: make user and instance blocks that are default for new users, but can be removed by the user.

This would enable admins to silence toxic users on other instances, but still enable users to disable those for themselves if they wish to see the blocked content.


@eest9 made a good point: Silencing instances does just this.

(I'm still thinking through more Fediverse moderation ideas though)

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@josias sounds fine to me. Though I'm more of the idea having no blocks and letting users block as they see fit. But I don't think your idea is bad and prob a good idea for new users. I do suggest making the block list publicly available for us instance users.

@josias I had an idea like this once.

My idea was that, during registration, there would be an additional screen that allowed you set these settings. Think: "Child safety filter" or google's "SafeSearch". It's pretty normal to have some default blacklist. My understanding is that you cannot abolish instance blocks entirely because of spam

@eest9 Good point. 🤦‍♂️

I thought my idea was different than that, but thinking about it, it really isn't. Any idea I have would simply be an enhancement of that feature.

@josias last I knew 'silencing' in Mastodon caused all sorts of problems with threading, etc and as such is quite a poor solution in terms of UX @eest9 @fluffy @jordan31 @zudn @JeffPaetkau @kevin @arh

@josias found one issue with description of the many problems with Mastodon style 'silence' - closed without comment as per usual Mastodon dev process @eest9 @fluffy @jordan31 @zudn @JeffPaetkau @kevin @arh

@alvaro Yeah, it seems to be just a slightly modified version of the current silencing feature though.

@josias I didn't know about the silencing.. Thanks. to bring it to my attention

@alvaro Probably admins will be most familiar with it.

Even I (an admin) had forgotten all of its consequences.

@josias Funny coincidence. I've had this idea before but didn't think of posting about it.

@Hyolobrika I realized later that silencing does the same thing, but has some odd behavior.

@josias I thought that silencing meant that you can see posts from the instance being silenced, but only if you followed the accounts that are posting them before the silencing happened. I didn't think that you could discover and follow other accounts after the fact. But I may be wrong.

@Hyolobrika You can't discover them, but you can enter their username to follow them if you'd like.


Sounds interesting for freedom of speech.
I believe that if an instance connects with other, it will end up hosting some of that content. If so, I doubt moderators would accept hosting offending content.

You can always go to the block instance if the content is public.

@jcast @josias I'm pretty sure posts arent downloaded to the instance locally unless someone tries to view them
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