Soapbox doesn't look so bad. I might try it out.

I don't want to cause controversy though. So maybe a fork?

cc @realcaseyrollins

@josias That would be controversial too. Hey, #Soapbox is a fork of #Gab. And double whammy cuz you’re a #Christian 😂

@josias A fork that looks like the current #Twitter interface would definitely look cool tho

@realcaseyrollins I just like some aspects of the interface, but I don't want to put an instance under unnecessary criticism by using it.

@josias Wanting to evade controversy isn’t a good enough reason to fork it IMHO

@derek is working on something else if you’re interested in something with a similar feel

@josias @realcaseyrollins the worst thing that can happen is that the people harassing you about it take themselves out of your timeline.
@josias @realcaseyrollins

A fork really only makes sense if you're changing the software in some meaningful way. I understand that there is controversy around Alex, the developer, but the software stands on it's technical, functional merits -- it's inevitable that there will be controversy surrounding the developers of social networking software.

If I can be bold enough to offer unasked advice, it's much easier to rebuff drama when you consistently ignore it rather than caving in at all. If there is controversy, ignore it, it will fade away if there's no root cause driving it.
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