Boycotting FOSS

> When we use proprietary software, we are under the power of the owner of the software. The owner's revenue depends on us, either directly through purchases and solutions, or indirectly by advertising. There is a relationship of power, with the owner having power over us.


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@captain Yeah, it was just the first title I thought of and it fit well. I guess many might read it initially as boycotting all FOSS software.

@josias @captain I was a little confused too. Maybe by a slight tweak it might be a little clearer and still match your intent: "On Boycotting FOSS"

Great post, there's really a lot of nuance in this space that often gets overlooked.

@josias @captain It was the title that made me want to read it, I was thinking, Who would want to boycott FOSS software??? :).

@josias The contributions serve as a portfolio, it's weight is determined by the usage (how many and how much). So the usage of particular s/w makes the portfolio of those who contributed to it heavier. Which in turn makes their position in society higher.
If that's not what you want to facilitate, that's the reason to reduce the usage.

@josias I feel like some of these arguments apply to boycotting normal goods and services, too, which is frequently much more about using economic power to try to control others than about any kind of legitimate self-expression
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