My strategy for writing blog posts and essays:
1. Write a first draft.
2. Rewrite it completely based on the first draft.
3. Rewrite it once more to correct any errors and improve sentences

Rewriting forces me to think about sentence structure rather than just skim the text and call it good.

@eschatosoof I don't. I generally don't save all the versions. But I will keep them for my next blog post, and show them to you when I'm done.

@josias A question, if not too intrusive...does writing come easily to you? ie, do the words flow easily? Or does it feel more like a chore (even though you want to do it) to put your ideas/thoughts into words?

@ChiaChatter Writing does come easily for me most of the time. I just have to sit down and do it. It can seem like a chore when I start, but the words start to flow soon after.

@josias You are good at it, so that's what I figured :).

@ChiaChatter God often gives us gifts we don't deserve. 🙂


If you want to churn out 100 as a challange "just skim the text and call it good." :)
Practice makes perfect.

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