Boycotting big businesses is not nearly as effective as supporting small and local ones.

@josias I like saying similar regarding entertainment!

"Piracy" is used to justify laws I hate, watching those movies/shows legally gets counted as supporting them. So I want e.g. The Red Panda to join the popculture lexicon alongside Spiderman & Batman to show unnecessary modern copyright is.

Now I think I'll pop some corn & see whether Limetown is worth recommending...

@josias This feels like a false dichotomy of sorts. Whether the glass is half empty or half full, the same amount of water is there. Boycotting big business has the same effect of supporting the others.

@resist1984 Yes, that is true. But your support is more valuable to small businesses than big businesses because your support has more influence on them. Your money means more proportionally.

@josias I agree. As I boycott #Amazon, small businesses will appreciate my doller more than Amazon will miss the dollar they lost. But whether I fixate on Amazon's loss or the competitors gain it's immaterial.

A study involved telling doctors "this procedure has a 20% failure rate" & telling another group of docs that it has an "80% success rate". Result: more docs favored the procedure when the success rate was 80%. When in fact both groups should have favored the procedure just the same.

@josias Actually I think it was 90/10, but anyway.. the docs in the study were embarrassed when they were given the results.

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