Freedom in software (ramlings at the moment) 

Freedom to use, modify, and work on software as a community is essential to having software that serves the interests of the users rather than solely the original developers.

This is not just a movement by "techies" to tinker with their computers. This is relevant to *everyone*. To have control over our computing means to have control over our lives and our societies.

I avoid using proprietary software not because of some abstract concept of liberty or because I like seeing the source code, but because I know that communal software can be controlled by the people who actually make use of it. *We* make the decisions. *We* decide the future.

This also isn't about forcing people to release the code to software they wrote. It's about people making software to fit their own interests. If you want to write software and try to convince people to use it for your own interests, so be it. But we may decide to work on our own replacement for it, something we can audit, trust, and ultimately control.

We want freedom and choice, and want people to be able to decide not to be controlled if they wish not to. There are many who oppose this, and would like to control people whether they want to or not, and they sometimes try to sabotage our movements and projects to do so.

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