We don't know about each other unless we interact. So feel free to reply, favorite, and boost . 🙂

@josias I love to interact, if I interact too much I can be shut up with a bowl of ice cream or something 😆

@Big_Diggity @josias Actually I prefer Culver's but they always have long lines! I've never been to a tcby

@Big_Diggity @ChiaChatter @josias
Yeah. But it's a poor substitute for that creamy good stuff, wouldn't you say?

@zudn @ChiaChatter @josias I would say that, but my son would disagree with you.
Also, just to throw this out there, my wife once went to a spot that sold an ice cream/shaved ice mixture and says it was delicious. Ever since, I have been on the hunt to find my own.

@Big_Diggity @zudn @josias You could probably make some? Ice cream isn't hard to make even without a machine...Pete can't have dairy or sugar so coconut milk ice cream is our option and it's easy...shaved ice would be flavored shaved ice with vanilla ice cream would be like a creamsicle that I used to get from the Good Humor truck as a kid. Now my mind is rolling (and my mouth is salivating hahaha)!

@ChiaChatter @zudn @josias I could make it on my own, but I want that experience of receiving the perfectly made one. haha.

@ChiaChatter @Big_Diggity @josias
Yeah, we've made some before, just have to go to the trouble of it.

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