Is it possible to make a set of filtered words a default for new users? That way people can remove them if they want, but not have to see certain things by default.

@josias Wouldn’t that discourage freedom of speech though? Not that I’m saying it’s a bad idea, just an inherently ‘risky’ one

@joerebelloharley I'd use it to filter the Federated timeline of some sensitive material and profanity. This is a family-friendly instance.
I figure if people want to follow accounts they opt-in to such content. But otherwise they may not want to see it. That'd be a part of joining this instance.

@josias i've been thinking about setting something like that up. as well as a set of initial instance blocks.

you could do this by having a custom registration page, and then having that page, on a successful registration, make an API call. You'd have to write the database function yourself.
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