I joined the Fediverse when I was in middle school. I first started hosting a Mastodon instance when in high school.

This made me wonder the age of others when they first joined this network.

So here's a poll:

How old were you all when you first joined the ?

Boosts encouraged. Increase the sample size

Finally someone else who joined before high school. I was starting to worry that I was the only one. 😅

The poll ended. Thank you to everyone who participated. The results are enlightening. The vast majority of Fediverse users joined when they were 20-39 (no surprise there). There are quite a bit of high schoolers, and a couple of those who joined in middle school.

@josias I have several pairs of socks that are older than the Fediverse and probably older than most Fediverse users.

@josias :senko: hello i am over 900 years old but i am not old which option should i use

@fluffy Overflow it as if you're using a 8-bit integer. :P

@josias You're pretty much in a class by yourself.

@josias I'm just glad it exists. Big tech becomes more sinister and insidious as each day dawns. So many can't even grasp the stranglehold big tech has on their lives and how it is building a huge picture of each and every one of them. When the singularity occurs in 2030... 😱

@josias My answer skews the results a bit. I joined in the days, about 12 years ago, so I bridge time categories. (Pre mastodon, pre GNU/social, pre

@josias FORTY PLUS? I hope every poll you take has four selections and stops 10 years before your own age.

@Baggypants Very unfortunate result of Mastodon limiting poll options to 4.

@josias Darn kids, in my day we had to chisel polls out of <tr> tags and use a hole punch to make the radio buttons. Why when Eisenhower said to me 'son, this could be the biggest thing' I durn gotten up and at 'em and no sir! I can't eat cheese on account of my digestion. And another thing!

😂 Sensitive much, @Baggypants? Mastodon does have a 4 poll choice limit. 🤷‍♀️

Consider yourself some kind of Gandalf. Respected and exempted from any town census. You've arrived. 😎🕺

Join us on Saturday and you can give @josias a piece of your mind. 😅

I joined The Fediverse when I was 49, but I've been around for more than 22 years, which is probably more than the age of the majority of The Fediverse users. 😁 But, don't feel sad for running after me and let me hope that you'll take long to get me! 😁

@josias Iirc i made my first account in Mastodon at about 2019-2020, but i barely posted anything. Now I'm 14

@PestToast Indeed. This was largely an attempt to see how many people joined the Fediverse during secondary school, so it is incredibly biased in that direction.

Mastodon also has a maximum of four choices for polls, so I couldn't be fair to the older age range.

@josias bummer, I didn't see the poll, and could have provided some balance to the results LOL. (I joined when I was 63.) What were the others that were older?

@josias You didn't mention the second most representative group. It seems that the Fediverse is chosen by more mature people mainly! That must mean something! 😉

@joaopinheiro Absolutely. 😃

40+ is an incredibly large age range, so it's interesting that 20-39 is more represented. Meaning the age demographic still tends younger.

Um... I don't know about that... 🤔

Not sure you can say "vast majority of Fediverse users".

"Your crowd" and within 3 or 4 degrees of followers, maybe. And then maybe a few more from outside your circle of followers. 🤷‍♀️

Can't say it was a good sampling of the #Fediverse. ☝️🤓 #statistics #data

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