What interesting alternative domain-specific search engines do you know? (preferable open source ones)

For example, I have heard of one for personal websites and some specifically for tech development websites.

Related: There should be a search engine specifically made for searching for git repositories and source code online, increasing discoverability for FOSS software not hosted on GitHub.

It would have an index of cgit, Gogs, and Gitea instances, along with whatever else is also applicable.

Does such a search engine exist?
If not, can we make it happen?

@josias kinda like which only indexes "web 1.0" style websites?

Not sure if its the kind you're describing, but its cute

@SyrupSlushie Exactly. That's actually one of the ones I had in mind but I couldn't remember its URL.

@josias instead of restricting it to forge types, targeting git repositories directly (e.g. through the HTTP daemon) would be more versatile and open more git hosts to this indexing.

@josias I can try and make it happen. I will try to sprout a small hackaton in my team

@Archivist I would like to participate in such an effort.

@josias I use Software Heritage even though it's not supposed to be one but it does actively point to its original location so there's that.

@foo_dogsquared That does appear to be very similar to what I'm looking for. Thank you for bringing it up!

It's not quite as extensive as I'd like, as it doesn't cover little Gitea instances. I understand that it's an archive, and thus has stricter requirements. I'm still looking into making a search engine for this.

Maybe it could also be configurable to *avoid* certain sources if you don't want to use GitHub for example.

@foo_dogsquared @josias but can you search source code with it? By example, can I search the files .scm with the word define-record-type?

@spectrumgomas @josias Unfortunately no, their search engine only searches for the origin by URL and some metadata.

They seem to be interested to refine [1] on that like searching by programming language, for example. I imagine it would be possible to include full-text search but I don't want to hold my breath on that.

[1]: (There is a part says 'More search criteria will be added in the future.')

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