Thinking of how much we use social media and why, I was wondering:

What is the primary reason you participate in the Fediverse?

@josias I wanna get away from the big tech monopoly / censorship. I still use FB/IG/LinkedIn etc, but much less than before.

@josias yea. But I mean, I like the tech behind the fediverse, but it's not here my IRL friends hang out. I like the idea behind federated / self-hosted / decentralised, like Matrix and the fediverse. It has a sense of freedom, even if I'm registered on one of the largest Mastodon instances.

@josias I like social media, but I don't like the companies that run the "accepted" versions of it, or what they turn it into.

@josias I'm interested in the artwork and tech-related posts I see around. Plus it's not owned big corpo, which is a bonus 😁

@josias I want some place where I am not tracked and traced or censored. I sometimes want to express myself. I sometimes want to see what people are saying in places free from censorship. I find it reasonably useful as a way to destress or take a break in moderation.

I don't actually find it that addictive. Not sure why, maybe when you get older the novelty of the internet wears off a bit?

People post a fair amount of dumb stuff but there's interesting content interspersed.

@Columbkille Hmm. I really should have put "ideology" somewhere on there, but alas, room ran out.

Personally, I've never really used Facebook or any social network that censors and tracks (the only exception being Twitter for a few months). I've spent almost my social media life on the Fediverse, so I don't have much to compare it to. Sure, I like the ideals of the Fediverse. I've preached them as much as anyone and despise Facebook's atrocities, but I also take them for granted more than others might.

@josias I get information (and pointers to information) which has a breadth far beyond what the controlled, Big Tech orthodoxy permits. We're not talking extremist views; we're no longer allowed to hear what a highly skilled medical researcher thinks, for instance.

@josias I really value having a social media network where I can cultivate an interesting feed. I value having a site that actually functions as a tool to learn from and to build up people instead of it using me as a content generator.

I really value that most of the fediverse clients don't use dark patterns and stuff to suck up users' time.

@josias Alt media, alt opinions, federation philosophy, you decide where your data lives, censorship resistant (as a network), cool communities and great people can be found, and I got a place where I can run if my big tech social accounts are censored or deleted 😉

@josias The huge draw of the fediverse is the in-order timelines (I used to like instagram > 5 years ago), and, of course, the interactivity (I still use an RSS reader, but rarely comment on blogs b/c of JS reqs like CAPTCHA). Microblogging here makes it easy to comment, share projects that I do or like with others who share that interest.

What I don't like about mastodon is the public nature (not that you can't do privacy on the fedi, but it's not well suited to that).

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