A while ago I considered making a "Gospel Report" website where links to various news articles specifically relating to Christianity, including those about missionaries, churches, and Christian perspectives of current events could be posted.

I have recently been considering this again, and would love to brainstorm it with some people. I couldn't do it on my own (as I had attempted before).

If you are interested in helping out, reply to this post or DM me.

@josias would this be a hand curated "report" or you planning for it to pull posts automagically?

@manton @josias

This was my question as well.

Are we talking about some form of feed aggregator, essentially?

Or, is the goal hand-curated, user-submitted content a la Hacker News?

@keelan @manton The initial idea has been to make it hand-curated, probably with a couple people managing what appears on the page.

Community-submitted might work even better now that you've brought it up.

The website could implement a combination of all of those if that's decided to be the best option.

@josias @keelan I like the idea of it being mostly curated by some select individuals.

I feel like community feeds like this would be very hard to maintain..? I guess that's the right word. Religion and the internet tends to bring out flame wars in my experience.

Either way, I think there'll have to be a pretty good moderation team, but I guess that also depends a lot on how the "community" aspect is implemented.

Definitely a brain twister to get the implementation right.


No doubt. Pros and cons to all three models mentioned.

Huge time commitments for (1) a few coming up with all content or (2) moderating a resource like this about religion (as you mention).

Feed aggregation would alleviate a lot of that. Find good feeds from the right sources, and it automates. But, it loses any community aspect and just becomes another pipe of content. I think that defeats the spirit of it.

As @josias mentioned, perhaps a mix?

@keelan @manton
Curation by a few individuals would be my first choice, specifically for the main page.

I also want to come up with an inbox of sorts for anyone to suggest links to add. That way the curators are not burdened with the whole task of finding things to add.

This was the first implementation I wrote a couple hears ago:

@josias @manton Yeah, curation sounds like the ideal. The inbox is a good suggestion as well, I believe.

@keelan @josias a mix would probably work pretty well. Maybe a moderation team in a similar capacity as a newspaper editor. They don't write or submit all the content, but (at least in the beginning) they would review/ approve content from the community.

@TMakarios Thank you! This is helpful as we need a variety of sources, though the articles are pretty saddening.

They do have good news, too, like
I also often get good news from another organization, but they often put it on paper only, to protect the people involved.

But yeah, news from the persecuted Church often involves persecution.

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