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Ultimate Guitar's interface is terrible. It doesn't serve the lyrics and chords directly, but sends some JavaScript that fetches it. It's a broken design and arbitrarily restricts how one can access community-provided chord charts. I'm working on a Python script that scrapes it, but we need a better way for the community to share chord charts. is very convincing option, and I will be contributing to it. The only problem is that I can't find the source code for the program. Although that's not a big deal as it's easily scrapable and works without JavaScript.

Community-sourced data should belong to the community. It should be easily accessible to anyone who wants to use it, and decisions relating to the data that affect how it can be used should be made by the community. Proprietary control of crowd-sourced data has been used against the community in so many ways in the past, including with MuseScore's sheet music.

The first version of the Ultimate Guitar scraper, if anyone is interested:

It simply extracts the tab and provides it in plaintext at the moment. There is a lot of useful information in Ultimate Guitar's response, so a lot more functionality will be possible in the future.

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@josias I don't know about the technical aspects of it but I agree that Ultimate Guitar is a mess! I never go there...I do like https:// IDK if my thoughts about it are on topic (community-sourced data) but I do like Zach's site better and use it often!

@josias That's BRILLIANT!!! Who would have thought... I haven't used it of course but if it does what you say it does, it is brilliant!!

@ChiaChatter I'm considering making a Web/Gemini version for people who understandably tend to avoid the command line. 🙂

@josias That would be useful as well...wonderful in fact!

software politics 

@josias awesome! Can’t wait to check it out! I’m gonna give it a go this afternoon ​:ablobcatwink:

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