Here are a few things related to making technology more humane, cooperative, and free.

Humane Tech: (@humanetech)

Cooperative Technology: cooperativetechnology.codeberg (by a few from Mastodon)

Small Tech: (by @aral)

Ethical Design:

Feel free to share others you know.

I know many people aren't aware of some of these, and it helps us to see what others are doing so we can learn and work together on solutions.

@josias @humanetech @aral Hmmm....reading some of these links - especially the first one (and its links) a light went off and I started to understand your passion for this movement, Josias! I will read more.

@ChiaChatter @josias @aral

The Humane Tech Community website is slated to be replaced with a new version. One that is made for the Humane Tech Translation Program.

Most information on humane technology, free software alternatives and healthier practices comes available in English. The translation program aims to make it available across the world to as many people as possible.

But it is slow-going as I am doing most of it alone in spare time.

@josias @humanetech @aral

Free Software Foundation - Respect your freedom

@noisytoot may be able to help more with this too @fsf

@zleap I obviously know of the Free Software Foundation, but I don't believe it holds the future of ethical technology. I'm looking particularly at how we should be fighting for software that serves our best interests now and in the future. The FSF doesn't go far enough, and it's likely not its place.

@josias Ah ok no problem Just thought it was worth a mention . It is sometimes better to have a very longlist which can be made shorter than a short list we struggle to extend.

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