I now have a copy of the Bible hosted my Gemini capsule in the gempub format. I used a tool I wrote called osis2gempub to facilitate this.

You can see it now here:

For more books hosted on my capsule and the conversion script, see the books page:

Now that my conversion script works fairly well, I may also start hosting many versions of the Bible there. Maybe Heb12's whole Bible collection (better yet, we should set up a Gemini capsule for and put all of them there).

My newest gemlog post: "Commitment"


It's a short reflection on , Mercury, , and commitment. It doesn't have much of a point, but not every post has to be a masterpiece. :-)

I can tend towards perfectionism, but I know I'll never get anything done if I expect everything I do to be perfect.

I'd probably like to write another draft or three of this gemlog post, but I wanted to publish it today, so here it is.

(For the Web folks: gmi.josias.dev/2021/06/24/comm)

Today I made some minor improvements to , writing a streaming reader for the parser for the haplous Bible format in libheb12, along with writing a Go script that converts OSIS to gempub.

@Heb12 @PetabyteStudios

More work on today. We are now working on the new design. We don't have much at the moment, but here's a picture to demonstrate.

The new Bible format for should make it possible to distribute higher quality copies of the Bible in various translation.

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