@chaitanya Anything that doesn't require running proprietary software or identifying myself.

(I have some ideas for making such platforms)

I mentioned Mastodon to someone recently, and they replied, "What's next, a social network called 'Sabertooth'?"

@captain Note that though it's called Linuxgaming, most of us talk about tech. Lol

@dreqaa So should we resist or submit? I'm confused.

@dreqaa I'm struggling to understand your statements in context. What does all this have to do with what I said about surveillance?

@dreqaa So using simulation of user behavior to fight surveillance?

@dreqaa You mean using surveillance for manipulation? Absolutely. AI can use real human information to automatically make fake ones with certain views to try to convince you of certain things.

@jordan31 HTTPS interferes with direct monitoring like that.

Due to how easy this is to do, I am certain this message will go through some NSA algorithm and likely be used to profile me as one of those who oppose their illegal and unethical surveillance programs.

I am curious though: what kind of bots do they have crawling and processing the Fediverse?

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I rushed that last part through. I'll articulate it better in a future post.

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A common objection to this is that there are so many people in the world, why should they be interested in your information? After all, you aren't important enough to justify the resources.

However, this underestimates both the budget and the technical ability of the intelligence agencies.

These agencies have access to whatever money they wish, under the guise of "fighting terrorism". This enables them to spy on many more people than you might think is possible. Their budgets also gives them access to the latest technology, including revolutionary systems that they invent themselves for secret use.

These technologies enable the type of mass surveillance that doesn't need humans. AI can determine whether or not you are a threat, and prioritize surveillance of you as it sees fit. Data about you and your activities is compiled, processed, and used to make a profile about you, a "Permanent Record" of your life.

The point of mass surveillance is just this. It doesn't matter if you are interesting or not. You are being spied on because you could possibly be interesting in the future.

Thus the intelligence agencies will do everything in their power to collect whatever information they can. They will put someone in charge of a program that will do this automatically.

The only way to avoid this is to make it impossible, rather than just impractical, to spy on you. Encryption is one of the best way to do this. You can lock up your communications, preventing anyone from even possibly spying on them (this isn't technically true, because of the nature of our encryption systems, but it will be basically true for at least a few decades).

So use encryption, and make software that makes zero-knowledge encryption easy to use.


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@joerebelloharley I love those as well.

On diaspora* is even better, as everyone would make a post with the tag (the diaspora software prepares it for you). Many people follow that tag and get all such posts in their stream.

Someone else and I wrote welcome messages that we commented on almost every post, welcoming them and giving a basic explanation of diaspora and the federation.

It was fun.

@captain The room directory is very helpful here.

I personally like :feneas.org and it's connected offtopic room.

@captain Depends on what kind of cool kids you want to hang out with.

@George Thanks. That's exactly what I was looking for. I already have changed the character limit and bio description length limits, I was just wondering where the poll information was found.

I currently don't have a good method of managing new releases with this. I just do git stash, pull, git stash apply, and then I fix the resulting mess. Haha.

@Juliusdelta Depends on whether or not you value open source.

The more we rely on black-box machine-learning algorithms to decide how content is distributed, the more we become able to be influenced by those controlling those algorithms, and by those controlling those who control them.

Any machine learning that we use needs to be under our own control, like any other software, and must be completely transparent.

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