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Bible Study 

Hello, everyone. Good morning or .

Like every week, we will be starting a Bible study in two hours. Starting at 19h UTC, or 12h PST (calculate it accordingly).

Like always, whoever (Christian, agnostic, atheist, etc) wants to attend is welcome, as long as they are respectful. Anyone may discuss and ask each other questions.

We will be reading John 5.

Join later at:

Anarchists say: no gods, no masters.
Christians say: one God, one Master.

Vaccine, open source 

mRNA tells your body how do so do something, so isn't it a program? And don't we think that programs should be open source?

Well, here's the "source code" of the Moderna vaccine.

I just got a bike. Now I can go biking again. This will be fun. 🚲

Altruistic Christianity 

Jesus instructed, "To him who strikes you on the cheek, offer also the other; and from him who takes away your cloak, don't withhold your coat also." - Luke 6:29

Followers of Jesus are to act altruistically, looking out for others more than ourselves. Yes, we get screwed over, but that's not the point. We need to show the unconditional love for others that God has shown for us.

Jesus said, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

If we are so loved by God that He sent His Son for us, why should we not do the same? We must do for others what we would want them to do for us.

> But God commends his own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. - Romans 5:8

If Jesus showed the ultimate act of love for us when we were still evil, how much more should we do even lesser acts of love for others?

Bible study 

We have been doing an online Bible study every Saturday at around 18h UTC.

We will continue to do so, and I welcome anyone who wants to attend can join as long as they are respectful.

We study a chapter or two for about an hour. We have been going through the gospel of John.

We are starting today in about an hour.
Join by clicking this link:

We will be reading John 4, which is a powerful chapter and I encourage you to join, even if you don't want to say anything.

Freedom in software (ramlings at the moment) 

Freedom to use, modify, and work on software as a community is essential to having software that serves the interests of the users rather than solely the original developers.

This is not just a movement by "techies" to tinker with their computers. This is relevant to *everyone*. To have control over our computing means to have control over our lives and our societies.

I avoid using proprietary software not because of some abstract concept of liberty or because I like seeing the source code, but because I know that communal software can be controlled by the people who actually make use of it. *We* make the decisions. *We* decide the future.

This also isn't about forcing people to release the code to software they wrote. It's about people making software to fit their own interests. If you want to write software and try to convince people to use it for your own interests, so be it. But we may decide to work on our own replacement for it, something we can audit, trust, and ultimately control.

We want freedom and choice, and want people to be able to decide not to be controlled if they wish not to. There are many who oppose this, and would like to control people whether they want to or not, and they sometimes try to sabotage our movements and projects to do so.

I write . Software for the community, by the community. We work together to provide for our needs, and keep out those who wish to abuse our communities for profit.

See also:

current events, rms 

Personally, I've resolved not to sign either petition.

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current events, rms 

*free software movement, sorry

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current events, rms 

If you believe Richard Stallman's behavior disqualifies him from being a leader of the free software foundation (or at least the FSF), consider signing this:

If you are in favor of his reinstatement into the FSF's board, consider signing this:

Sign, discuss, and be civil.

current events, rms, fsf 

Also important to note: this is to both sides equally.

I'm torn so I've decided to avoid taking a position on this situation and instead try to keep everybody from attacking each other.

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current events, rms, fsf 

The FLOSS community appears to be attacking itself over Richard Stallman.

Have your opinions on whether or not he should be on the FSF's board, but don't discredit the views of others or hold bitterness towards them.

Thank you.


hot take 

Note to conservatives: most of you are all liberal by definition.

> Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support free markets, free trade, limited government, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism, democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

People don't like thoughtful posts either, because of the addictive culture. I see this post as being largely ignored as well.

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@jwinnie I'm starting to agree with you more in relation to this topic.

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I do wonder: can we actually change anything, or is this fundamentally built into social media?

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