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Updating to Mastodon v3.4.1. A month late, but better late than never, right? 😉

(though I'm not sure of the point of joining if you do the last one. :P)

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If anyone would like to join, we'll be starting soon. I didn't put a relative time in the first post.

No pressure on anyone who attends to speak or do anything besides listen (or even leave the meeting open and muted 😄) .

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Bible study 

Today we are having a Bible study at 19h UTC (12h PST, adjust accordingly). We will be studying John 10.

As always, anyone who would like to attend is welcome.

Just click this link to join:

I just followed several Spanish-speakers in hopes of learning to read and communicate in Spanish. If you're one of them wondering why I'm following you, this is why.

If you'd be annoyed by me replying to your posts in broken espanol, please let me know.

I now have a copy of the Bible hosted my Gemini capsule in the gempub format. I used a tool I wrote called osis2gempub to facilitate this.

You can see it now here:

For more books hosted on my capsule and the conversion script, see the books page:

Now that my conversion script works fairly well, I may also start hosting many versions of the Bible there. Maybe Heb12's whole Bible collection (better yet, we should set up a Gemini capsule for and put all of them there).

Of course, this is a quick scrawling on the topic and is by no means complete. Sharing what information you all know Neeva would certainly be appreciated. 🙂

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The new search engine looks interesting. Instead of making money on spying and ads, it uses money through subscriptions. I spent a little bit of time exploring it, and it works surprisingly well. The accuracy and detail of its results makes it something I'd easily recommend to others.

However, I have a few concerns, some practical and some more idealistic:

1. It's proprietary and SaaSS. There's no way to verify that they aren't spying on you. There's no true accountability.

2. It requires payment information after the trial. I'm not sure if it offers a way to pay anonymously. You shouldn't have to identify yourself to search the web.

3. It is run for profit. It's structured around profit and will seek out profit above all else. Above privacy, etc.

4. Those who can't afford it can't use it. They are locked out of a privacy-friendly alternative.

I am excited by a competitive alternative search engine, but I believe search is a precious thing, since it's our gateway to the World Wide Web. The community itself should run it. Corporate or government-run search engines will always serve their own agendas (censorship, paying to manipulate rankings, etc).

Subscription models are not the answer to the advertising and data-mining model. They only lock people out of useful information and tools.


pol, trans 

Yesterday Spain approved a law that allows those 14 and older to freely change their legal gender.

Today the United States also announced that identification such as passports will soon offer an "X" option for gender.


Wikipedia, but instead of having to cite sources for adding information, you have to cite sources for *removing* it. Thus causing unfalsifiable statements to flourish.


For those interested in playing Christian music, someone made a website with chords for all kinds of songs. It's a public database that anyone can add to.

It's available via HTTP and .

The interface is incredibly simple, and has no advertising or excessive JavaScript (which is a relief since I've used UltimateGuitar for a while).

Unfortunately, I don't see the source code anywhere here:

My newest gemlog post: "Commitment"


It's a short reflection on , Mercury, , and commitment. It doesn't have much of a point, but not every post has to be a masterpiece. :-)

I can tend towards perfectionism, but I know I'll never get anything done if I expect everything I do to be perfect.

I'd probably like to write another draft or three of this gemlog post, but I wanted to publish it today, so here it is.

(For the Web folks:

I apologize for the delete-and-redraft. I forgot to add the link to the second post.

CC @Jesus30

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I just read two well-written blog posts by @ghost_letters

First, "How to *Not* Have a Good Conversation"

Then its counter, "How to Have a Good Conversation"

They are insightful and I find them particularly interesting as someone who has difficulty maintaining "good" conversation.

Are there many online libraries which contain public-domain books in the gempub format?

I'm going to compile a few gempub books and put them on my capsule. First: the Bible, then some other books that interest me.

Today I made some minor improvements to , writing a streaming reader for the parser for the haplous Bible format in libheb12, along with writing a Go script that converts OSIS to gempub.

@Heb12 @PetabyteStudios

Anyone interested in Gemini hosting for There's Life?

I'm considering setting up something similar to or to allow anyone to easily post to Gemini and experiment with their own gemlogs.

It makes me happy when schools use libre and open source software.

This situation: math classes using GeoGebra.

Something I've been thinking about:

Those who spend much of their lives on social media don't have much to contribute. They post what is on their mind, which is limited to what others have been posting. Such posts can be good sometimes, but it encourages echo-chambers and doesn't provide much real value.

In contrast, people who are interesting to follow are those who spend most of their time outside of social media, living their lives and doing what they find normal. They often have more time to think, to contemplate what they might say, and to avoid posting things just to play a silly popularity game. They post out of the fullness of their mind rather than emptiness and incomplete thoughts.

I'd rather be the latter, contributing to the community rather than only regurgitating what's already out there. But often, I'm the former, boosting whatever posts have keywords that faintly interest my brain (rather than boosting what is genuinely interesting) while posting nothing new myself.

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