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Opposing the government is something everyone must be able to do freely. Speech against the government must never cause you to be imprisoned, or even looked at as more suspicious by it.

I must be able to attach my full name to a document criticizing every aspect of my government, and be able to live my life with no intervention by it.

This is not the reality in countries in which the freedom of speech is not respected. But it is a foundation of democracy. Those countries which restrict free speech suppress democracy.

Unfortunately, the United States is also becoming decreasingly respectful of human rights. We are tearing up the foundations of our nation in favor of authoritarian surveillance and police states.

My strategy for writing blog posts and essays:
1. Write a first draft.
2. Rewrite it completely based on the first draft.
3. Rewrite it once more to correct any errors and improve sentences

Rewriting forces me to think about sentence structure rather than just skim the text and call it good.

My Cinnamon installation keeps getting worse. More bugs keep popping up. I'd switch to i3 or another tiling window manager, but I need to figure out how to configure X11 or Wayland to ignore sections of the screen that are broken.

Someone give me a writing prompt for today's blog post if you have an idea.

You can even nerd snipe me if you want. Just make sure I've crossed the road first. 🙂


> Nowhere is a secret place, one completely uninhabited. Attempts to visit are futile and vain, though many still try. The absence of place or location is enticing, yet incomprehensible.


I wonder what would happen if this petition actually reached its goal.

Get Relogic to Open-Source Terraria: Otherworld

Before recommending that others block an instance, please talk with the admins to see if the problems can be resolved.

Assume good faith, and that the admins don't support the bad actors until shown otherwise.

Boycotting FOSS

> When we use proprietary software, we are under the power of the owner of the software. The owner's revenue depends on us, either directly through purchases and solutions, or indirectly by advertising. There is a relationship of power, with the owner having power over us.


Day 3 of

Thoughts: An Allegory

> A thought appears, then another. They float about like feathers in the wind. One here, one there, weightless in the air. They have no goal or direction, they simply swirl without end or aim. I reach for them: a task as vain as grasping for the wind itself.


Day 2 of

Soapbox doesn't look so bad. I might try it out.

I don't want to cause controversy though. So maybe a fork?

cc @realcaseyrollins

I think I'm going to finally try .

I have been considered it in the past, but always came up with some excuse not to do it.

I write a lot for myself anyway. It wouldn't hurt to publish some of it.

I'm also going to push a new version of my blog in a few minutes, with some changes that should make it cleaner and have support for the tag.

Did Mastodon stop showing boosts on user pages?

Such as:

I may or may not finish. You'll know by the end of the week.

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Lots of profanity in link 

Now that Drew DeVault can't vent on Mastodon, he has to do it on his blog:

The answer to bad speech is more speech not censored speech.

The home timeline is having several problems for me. It only scrolls down so far. It does this regularly now.

Any suggestions?

How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met

> A man who years ago donated sperm to a couple, secretly, so they could have a child—only to have Facebook recommend the child as a person he should know. He still knows the couple but is not friends with them on Facebook.

The article's three years old, but still very relevant. It is getting me to think about contact management software, and how to achieve more fine-tuned control.

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