I think too many account here speak politics and special UnitedStatian Politics. This is too much, I need to clean my contact list to follow


I don't know what memes is and TV shows is not really on the top interess for me maybe my number 98/100 but each one is free to talk about anything. We are free to follow or not


OK yes sometimes it is nice and it gives us smile on our face.

@kris I see you are a Christian too. That is good. I like God and being positive. Do you host ?


No I don't host I am only a simple user. @masterofthetiger is the owner.

@kris I agree! If you aren't in the US it gets annoying when 80% of your feed is about some US politician or other who you didn't used to know about until this day or week. I enjoy hearing more international perspectives- like yours. The Jordanian economy crash, for example, has barely made the news

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