@kris It's BEAUTIFUL, Kris!!! I love and snow so much, thanks for sharing yours! ❄️


BTW do you know my pixelfed account ?


you can followme from here adding

I am sure you will like it 😀

@ChiaChatter did you know that you can follow piexelfed account from here. your theres.life account.

Just add the link or the ID in the search box and click +

@kris OH NO, this is GREAT, I love pictures so much...now I have to find everybody's pixelfed account...what a wonderful day this is turning out to be!!!

@kris Can we do this with other accounts too? Such as peertube or other federated services?


Of course you can follow any account. peertube pixelfed ... From your account theres.life.

You even can follow some wordpress account. I try the ActivityPub plugin recently with my blog and it works well. You comment here and it is like you comment a blog.

this is

@kris For English not being your first language you have a way of explaining things that even *I* - with my brain damaged from a stroke - can understand!! I can't tell you how happy this makes me, I knew that everything in the fediverse was connected somehow but those connections weren't clear to me until just now! I have also seen the Activity Pub plugin but didn't know what it did...I will try that too! Oh, and I also removed the loading screen on my blog, I wasn't sure I could do that but YUP! So I did.


I will write article soon
- How to follow a pixelfed account with mastodon
- How to add ActivityPub plugin in wordpress and how it works
- How to comment a peertube video without following the channel

and things like that I discovered recently.

@kris Very excited about this, can't wait to read it!!!

@kris I didn't but I do now and it is GREAT! I'm looking as far back as I can but not commenting because who wants to go back in time just to reply to comments, right? 😉

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