I didn't know that theres.life is blocked in some instances.

I don't think many follow this list. Hopefully


this site is really nice graphicaly. Just wonder if it is mastodon or pleroma or others

Now the local time is 23:50 The day is 24th of december.

It is christmas day in 10 minutes

I wish you a merry christmas.

Remember the real meaning of Christmas. Even if it is not a biblical celebration. We can think of Jesus who came.

He is the begining and the end.
Alpha and Omega

In the first verse of New Testament you have the word Jesus
In the last vers you have the word Jesus

In the first verse of the Bible You have ' In the Begining'

Jesus is the Begining

Il y a plus de morts en France par millions d'habitants mais la est en train de monter trés vite.

Il ne faut pas confiner, responsabilité individuelle, c'est ce qu'on entend toute la journée des autorités. Il faut sauver l'économie

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