I think USA needs a new constitution.

Election should be transparent and fair.

The looser should accept it. Because this is democraty and the majority decided.

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New to Mastodon. Anyone have recommendations on follows?

Signal was created and funded by a CIA spinoff. It is not your friend.


For some is good for some it is bad


decentralisation is how internet was in the begining.

If one server is down the federation still continue.

@ChiaChatter Beautifull. In my region snow is melted.
There is snow around in German Switzerland Zurich they got 30cm of fresh snow and the public transportation was down today.

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Everyone is free. This concept is new and if you are talking with someone with nomadic identity I thing most people will not understand what it is.


Here you can follow someone and the contact has choise to not following you back. It is like twitter. I think this mentality of contact request comes from facebook and the 'friend' list.

The philosophy here is different it is like twitter. We all sing alone.

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if you like photos I can recommand my pixelfed account kris @noni

and I like this @noni

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gnusocial.no is back

A very old gnusocial instance starts again from scratch. Gnusocial is the father of mastodon

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@b2e @ChiaChatter

Jitsi is really nice. I use it for pray meeting because we are not allowed to be together phyiscaly.

It works simply well and it is easy to use. On my group I am the only one with IT knoledge. The other only use whatsapp.

Just send a link and they upload the phone app and we could do the meeting.

You don't need registration no account.

@jordan31 @ChiaChatter

I even didn't know what is

Today I learned that it is a brower.

Are you a bot or human. In other word can we comment to someone ?

You like the diversity of the

Do you know

An open service to mobilise communities and organise events

You have many instance like you have many mastodon.

Here is one if you like to organise an event.


@BlindJesusFreak is mastodon nice for blind people? Do you have audio reader ?

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