has been upgraded to Mastodon version v3.0.0.

Highlighted features:
- New profile directory:
- See domain blocks (see the bottom of
- Better account migrations
- Better search
- Better DMs
- New audio player
- Admin improvements
- UI improvements

See more at

Note: You will notice that we now have a 500 character limit instead of 1000. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

@silkevicious Well, the people on my instance were on the side of upgrading, so that's what I did.

It seems that no one here was actively following or communicating with GNU Social instances.

I also see that it is more promising that GNU Social will have more ActivityPub support in the future.

@life Thanks for keeping things flowing smoothly.
I see I'm still stuck with the lower follower number, rather than the original number that made me a star.

I am very sorry about this. Several databse migrations didn't work. Neither did another thing I tried. I will look further into tootctl to see if something will work.

I hate what happened with Stuff like that just causes more trouble for us admins.

@masterofthetiger Nah, don't worry with it. You've made a valiant effort. Please don't spend more time on it.

@masterofthetiger I thought maybe the update might restore it. Hence, the mention.

We have been through a couple of uodates since then. Alas, nothing solved it.

@masterofthetiger I don't even remember what caused it to start with. ha

Like I said, made over 1,000 accounts follow you at once. This also happened to Kris. I haven't been able to reverse the damage except by unfollowing and refolloeing you again.

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