Registration is being closed for There's Life.

We have 145 users total with 75 active this month and 41 active this week.

Registrations will likely be closed in about a week for the health of our community, so it doesn't grow uncontrollably and disrupt the cl.

New users will still be able to join by using invite links provided by existing users.

Feel free to share your thoughts by replying. This decision is not final.

*disrupt the close connection between people.

We haven't closed registrations yet, simply because we need a place to send Christians looking for a Mastodon instance. We don't want to close up and block those out of fellowship. lists several others, but we don't know them individually well enough to blanket-recommend a specific instance.

So for now, registrations will remain open.

@life there's not many Christian instances to join. In my search of mastodon and Friendica instances I found:
1) "KJV only" (4 users)
2) A Catholic one
3) (not fully functional)
4) monastery.socal (maybe going live in May)
That being said I don't know what the 'sweet spot' of active users is.

@Aslanmane That is good to consider. I'm also thinking of starting another instance in a few months, something to lessen the load and deconcentrate the communities.

@realcaseyrollins @life
I waded through the instances list to find Christian ones, after initially learning about the Fediverse. I wonder how we get the word out (like that link) to Christians just learning about the Fediverse?
From that site, LibreChurch looks interesting

@Aslanmane @life I think it’s just important to tell them that federated #Christian social networks exist on the #Fediverse and tell them about one or two of them

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