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We updated There's Life to use the glitch fork of Mastodon. It includes a few improvements and additional features that should improve the experience.

We experienced a few minutes of downtime in the process, but thanks to @josias and @jwinnie everything is now running smoothly.

The aforementioned administrators are now working on a fork of Mastodon that implements a new "neighborhoods" feature.

@realcaseyrollins @jwinnie @life Currently Mastodon has local timeline and a federated timeline. You either see everything on your instance or everything your instance sees. There's no in-between.

The neighborhoods feature will provide that middle ground. You add a few other instances to your "neighborhood" and they appear in a "Neighborhood Timeline" (possibly replacing the Federated Timeline). That is our first priority.

In the future, we will also add neighborhood-only posting, etc.

@josias @jwinnie @life Ah! Kinda like how you can follow instances on @QOTO, except you can combine them all in a timeline?

@realcaseyrollins @QOTO @jwinnie @life Yes, but this is on the server-level. For example, There's Life might have a neighborhood of, rcsocial, refchat, etc.

Could be useful feature. Could have more than one circle or hood per account and could use list of users from across instances sharing a feature theme topic geography etc.

Cost might be polarization andor echo chambers but we could initially assume less than dumb users will avoid using it wrongly.

@realcaseyrollins @jwinnie @life

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