Hello everyone! @jwinnie here. I am stepping in to help out with administration!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ping either this account or my personal account (@jwinnie), message me on Matrix, or e-mail me (links in my personal profile).

Have a great day friends, and don't forget to praise the Lord!

@life @jwinnie Just to clarify, Jeremy has been working with me for a while with the servers and programming a fork of the Mastodon codebase.

@life @jwinnie Howdy. Just wanted to say you have a refreshingly nice-looking instance. I’m on, which is also very good. I want to compliment how decent your account members seem to be — judging by profiles I can see. Better than a bunch of “furry” pervs and weirdos. (No offense to any furry pervs or weirdos that may see this.)

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