Hello everyone! @jwinnie here. I am stepping in to help out with administration!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ping either this account or my personal account (@jwinnie), message me on Matrix, or e-mail me (links in my personal profile).

Have a great day friends, and don't forget to praise the Lord!

There's Life Announcement and Request (long) 

Hello, world! Or, more specifically, the community.

I hope you all are doing well and are having incredibly enjoyable days.

The announcement: I'm going to be stepping down as administrator of There's Life. I will be increasingly busy with work, school, and family in the following months and I was wisely advised to pass my role to someone else.

I'm not going to write some farewell address, since I'm not leaving just yet. Instead, I am currently looking for another capable administrator who would be interested in taking my place.

This would involve:

  • Administrating the server (updates, general sysadmin stuff)
  • Administrating the website (managing federation, descriptions, helping people with their accounts, etc.)
  • Guiding the direction of There's Life

Along with any other miscellaneous tasks these require.

There are many people who can manage a server, but fewer are likely to be willing to handle all of these.

All other projects related to There's Life, including the Plume instance, Funkwhale instance, and all future plans, will be continued or ended according to the discretion of the new administrator.

Yes, I'm looking for another "BDFL". Unless the community is coordinated enough to manage everything by itself, this is the primary option available.

The whole transition will take place over a certain amount of time and will involve lots of communication (text messaging, video calls) to ensure that the new administrator will be faithful and trustworthy.

Primary qualifications:

  • Has some experience with system administration (it need not be professional)
  • Is a follower of Jesus (this is a Christian community)

If you'd like to discuss this and possibly consider taking this position, please come chat over Matrix. My ID is @mott:matrix.org

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about this.

More information about this will be posted in the coming weeks and keep the process transparent to the community.

As you all know, There's Life was down almost all day yesterday. This was due to payment difficulties (no, not lack of funds). It is back up now and we'll be on top of it.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hello, !

We updated There's Life to use the glitch fork of Mastodon. It includes a few improvements and additional features that should improve the experience.


We experienced a few minutes of downtime in the process, but thanks to @josias and @jwinnie everything is now running smoothly.

The aforementioned administrators are now working on a fork of Mastodon that implements a new "neighborhoods" feature.


currently has one person actively moderator and administrating the instance. We used to have another moderator until recently, but for the last few months one person has been reviewing applications, monitoring the federated timeline, and managing the server. Unfortunately, some things have slipped through the cracks.

So we're looking for another member of the There's Life community to help moderate the instance.

This would involve:
- Reviewing registration applications (simply filtering out spam requests)
- Monitoring the federated timeline (deleting offensive posts and muting users if necessary)
- Resolving reports (which are generally few)

If you'd like to help out or just ask more questions about this, please DM this account or reply to this message.

@dsfgs It appears that you are following this account. You did so a while back.

You can just unfollow and it'll be gone. πŸ™‚

Hello, and ! I hope everyone is doing well.

Mastodon instances like ours do not display advertisements or sell your personal information for profit. Administrators often volunteer their time and experience to keep things running.

However, there are still expenses to keeping the server running, and we depend on your generosity to do so.

If you'd like to donate, do so through PayPal by sending to the address: lifenetwork@pm.me

God bless you all! Enjoy your day.

(feel free to ask questions for more information)

@alien23 @liaizon Hey. I recognize you from my time on diaspora. Good to see you again.

> for whatever it's worth, hosting a "Christian" pod on the federation is like taking a Sunday School group to a Black Metal festival.

I've been running There's Life for two years and there's a healthy Christian community here. During this time I've also seen several other Christian instances appear. I believe the nature of the Fediverse opens it up for anyone to make an instance and develop communities that fit their interests.

I'm a fan of the Federation's culture anyway, so maybe I'm just biased. :P

@liaizon We noticed that yesterday and resolved it by removing blocking that hashtag from trending.

We had previously found approving trending hashtags tedious and set it to automatically approve them.

That was certainly a mistake. Haha. It turns out some people on other instances started spamming the tag, making it trending.

For now I've turned trending hashtags off.

I hope you enjoyed your laughs. πŸ™‚

I'm curious. What made you notice this? Did you just happen to visit theres.life and see it?

We haven't closed registrations yet, simply because we need a place to send Christians looking for a Mastodon instance. We don't want to close up and block those out of fellowship.

faithbook.ovh lists several others, but we don't know them individually well enough to blanket-recommend a specific instance.

So for now, registrations will remain open.

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@Aslanmane That is good to consider. I'm also thinking of starting another instance in a few months, something to lessen the load and deconcentrate the communities.

Welcome new users on There's Life!


And more.

This instance has been growing rapidly in number of new users, but will they stay? We shall find that out in the future. πŸ™‚

Enjoy There's Life and the Fediverse, all of those listed above!

@kris Yes. On the information page there will be a way to request an account, probably by emailing an administrator.

Current users could also post invite links publicly, knowing that they are responsible for their use.

Old data currently is not cleaned. We may do that in the future, though.

Registration is being closed for There's Life.

We have 145 users total with 75 active this month and 41 active this week.

Registrations will likely be closed in about a week for the health of our community, so it doesn't grow uncontrollably and disrupt the cl.

New users will still be able to join by using invite links provided by existing users.

Feel free to share your thoughts by replying. This decision is not final.

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