Good day Theres.Life community! Thanks for approving and giving a new home!

I am from the and a believer since 1987. How's everyone?



Welcome. I have many friends from the Philippines. Don't be shy. Tell us something about yourself.

@malanrich Thank you, Mabuhay!

Well, I've always been searching in my walk. We were born-again in 1987, a Trinitarian. Later my walk led me to the OneGod belief, it's Oneness without the strictness of the Holiness school-of-thought.

Today, I consider myself a HaDerech (follower of The Way as written in Acts) or Natsari (it's different from Messianic and Hebrew-Roots). I use the Hebrew names but I'm not a sacred namer.

I'm also into history, science, and a [ghost] writer by profession.


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