My laptop which I bought last July is falling apart, and it wasn't cheap. One of my hinges is garbage, and one corner of the screen is cracked. It is becoming barely usable. Remind me not to buy from Dell again. Or anything made of plastic!

@masterofthetiger Oh, NoO0Oo! Not even one year and it's coming apart like that? What did you do take it on a hiking trip across the mountains and drop it abuncha times or what? :\ Sorry...

Except for an early experience with Compaq Presario, I've had nothing but Dell desktops and laptops. They've lasted so long that you can see I'm complaining about 32-bit going out of date. Maybe the reason is that I'm extremely gentle in handling of the hardware. I don't even nudge a machine while the hard drive is spinning. I grew up in the age of having to park the heads before shutdown...

@malanrich I think the newer stuff is less durable. Especially one made of plastic, and one which a lot of wear is applied automatically to the hinges because it is a 2-in-1.

I actually dropped it once which caused the hinge to be damaged, and it has gone downhill from there.

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