I will need the help of more beta testers on Google Play. If you use GP, please DM me if you need to get the app for free. Thanks for contributing to #Fedilab

You can join the beta channel via this link: play.google.com/apps/testing/a

or via the app description on Google Play.

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@fedilab Can't someone just download the latest APKs and give you bug reports?

@masterofthetiger I encounter too much bugs recently due to lib updates. GP is currently my best way to avoid publishing buggy releases.
Since I lost beta testers on the free app (+700). It's harder for me. Yes, something I forgot to deal with :)

Isn't F-Droid having beta releases?
Or at least I saw something like current version and recommended version.

@MonkeyDRufi @fedilab @masterofthetiger yes, you can have beta releases in F-Droid, but don't ask me for specifics. And I use Fedilab by F-Droid 🙂

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